Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

It’s like everywhere you go to either step, spill, or trip on something. In the morning had accidentally stepped on a puddle of water now noticing the water slowly drying off on the sidewalk. Walking to class had tripped on part of the floor, seems like a tile had been removed for a good while, even dirt was evident on it, to top it off the coffee spill all over the floor just great.  What could I do? I had no paper and the nearest bathroom had been closed for cleaning.  Now I’ll be going through the day with less coffee and more guilt for leaving a mess. On the way back home felt slightly better, I had almost stepped on six newly dropped pieces of gum, and the garbage can is only a few feet away, continuing to walk I notice a leaf fall from the nearby tree but near the leaf showed a funny figure of what seemed like a person riding a Segway, that earned a laugh, that is until I notice what seemed like some yarn that must have fallen off someone’s sweater. However, it looked like a person sulking and dragging its feet making the mood drop.

All seemed figures in the pictures seem to be organic shapes, with the first three being Ambiguous figure due to there being no definitive image which mixes in with what could be the background or what would be the foreground. The bottom three stable figures because you can easily Identify the gum, the figure and the piece of fabric on the ground. This Along with placing myself in a someone else’s shoes to come up with the story and writing in first person point of view.


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  1. The first image listed as stable could possibly be ambiguous because the beige line on the left stands out as well as the line dividing the sidewalk. The gum also stands out from the gray concrete but it could also work if you cropped the image.

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