Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

It seems very straight forward that these images above are old dried flatten gums sticked on the street everywhere and it’s nothing new for New Yorkers. Back in the early 2000s and earlier, people would throw their gum all over the street floors instead of a garbage bin provided on every corners because most of them were lazy or no garbage we available. Therefore, time to time the gum gets dried, dirty and flatten as people kept stepping on it without realizing and these gums will be stuck on the same spot forever. In the other hand, some artist can think of something to redesign the image into something else never seen before. And of course the dried sticky flatted gum gives a organic shape as if it was a black & white made stetch hand . This three images that look very similar are consider a Stable Figure.

The other three picture on the second row  are consider a Ambiguous figure because the small figure that interrupts the outside image gives a organic shape and it every figure are always different. It could be a old peeling wall, a left over sticker stain on a wooden door or a cracked floor.

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