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Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

The first picture, is define as a low key composition, it was taken place in the stairways, I decided that the picture would be darker with the focus on my camera. As well the focal point of the image is the light bar. The second picture was also taken by the stairs, except it was bright because of the window. This picture is high key, there is barley any darkness, as well light is being taken over.

Low Key High Key

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

1.  The key sets the mood of the composition because it adds details to the composition such as shadows making the photo more appealing to look at. This contribute quality to the photo because vending machines with snacks represent greatness so therefore such a machine would fit such a shadowy mood.



2.  The key sets the mood of the composition because the motorcycle is out in the lighting opening. A motorcycle is exciting in terms of you going here, and there in a cool looking but excellent vehicle. The shadows that are also in the composition makes the motorcycle stand out more due to the black shadows nature, it’s more cooler.



Hours worked: 23-25 minutes

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Doing this project was a bit frustrating at first because it consisted of turning random images in to a figure that sparks connection with the audience when looked at. Doing so many drafts, I was able to come up with some design ideas, which I believe is a big thing for me because this project allowed me to use my creativity even when I thought that I had no plan. As a first project it wasn’t so bad as I thought it be. I learned how to use photoshop in the process as well which is a big plus cause now I know the basic function of the program.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The song “Here Comes the Night” by Dj Snake and Mr. Hudson is a repetitive beats with mellow melody.  It talks about how an individual becomes really emotional, upset, and maybe a wreck when they’re partner leaves them. The person that left the individual brought joy them, however since they left, it feels as if there was nothing left for the individual and faces dark days. In the beginning of the song, the mood is relaxing and it feels as if your entering in another void. The individual is feeling a lot of pain and is in another world. It would sound like background music for a maze or a national geographic video for astronomy.

Throughout the chorus of this song, it has an uplifting moment, the rhythm get faster and has little changes ever second that comes on. This part relates to how the individual needs to uplift themselves and not look down.Then towards the end it slowly dies down and you could hear how it was being energetic to mellow. Each rhythm stops for a short mili-second, then picks up quickly. Towards the end, the rhythm slowly fades and echo out quietly, the individual faces the fact that they’re partner has left and need to move on.

“Here Comes the Night” -(Link)

Time Taken: One Hour

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Dead Bird- 330 Jay St

Dead Bird- 330 Jay St


gum and leaves


crumpled paper


New York City is known to be as the “city that never sleeps”. Therefore, due to the constant movement of people, no matter the time, trash can be located about anywhere. Fast paced individuals tend to throw garbage on the floor simply because of not having “enough time” to be strayed away from their plans. During my walk along Jay St, I stumbled across a few “urban artifacts” as portrayed in the images above. You tend to wonder ,” how did this get here?”


My first observation was the dead pigeon located next to a tree. I began to question what occurred to cause the death of the pigeon. I concluded that it may have been harmed which lead the pigeon to simply accept the idea of not being able to heal properly. Maybe, I’m wrong but those were my conclusions.


In my second image, I captured leaves and gum stains on the ground. Gum is always spit out onto the ground but i often wonder if it would be better if people were to spit the gum into a napkin and throw it away instead of spitting it onto the floor.


in my last image, I shot a crumpled piece of paper found on the floor. I began to question what the paper had on it that made it unimportant. I began to think maybe it was a receipt from the stores that were located a few feet away. You can never know for sure, therefore all of these thoughts and scenarios are just assumptions.

Urban artifacts:phase 1


Yellow spear – found outside City Tech near/on Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY


Abandoned cigarette- found outside City Tech near/on Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY


Underground entrance- found outside City Tech near/on Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY

The first image looks like a spear, with a circular decoration on it. It’s more of a geometric. I think that gas lid object came from building a gas lid then it got painted over. The second image is a abandoned cigarette. It’s geometric, and organic. This object came from someone who finished their cigarette. The third image looks like a underground lid. Down below is the sewer or maybe possibly a secret underground construction site. I think it’s geometric.

A worker smoking his/her cigarette was working to create what was underneath the gas lid, and  the big rectangular yellow lid was probably some sort of entrance linked to what’s under the yellow gas lid. As time passed, these lid started to age, and they soon started to get involved with others that painted and decoration all over it as well as the nature of the world.

Working hours: 3pm-4pm


Our shared Google Map

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

All the objects left on the ground of our busy city are there for a reason. Each little object that people just walk over has much more to it than we think. That tipped over water bottle. Why was it there? Right next door to a school? Across the street from a park. Perhaps a student was at the park playing his or her favorite sport and once finished, sat in front of the building before going into class to get a drink of water. That unopened straw found on the corner of a store, could have multiple possibilities of what happened. Maybe someone was coming out of the store with a drink and before they could open the straw, they dropped it without noticing. Now lastly, the pen cap. Usually we keep our pens in our book bag or pocket. So how did this person lose a pen cap? Perhaps they were walking somewhere while writing? Maybe as a person was talking out a pen from their pocket, the cap caught onto the pants and just fell off. There are endless possibilities as how how a bottle, a straw and a pen cap could be left on the ground.

Shared Google Maps here

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Shared Google Map


When I walk around New York City, litter tends to be a very commonly seen object as I pass by. However, today will be different because of a curiosity as to how it got there in the first place. For instance, it puzzles me as to how that pigeon died. It could have died from old age, poisonous food, or even murder by another creature. Then there’e the M&M cup, which seems to be completely intact despite being tossed to the ground and neglected. I wonder if it went through the same events that most food packages go through in being opened, used and eventually thrown away. It must have gone through a different course of events from the broken fingernail. I imagine that a great amount of care and effort went into it for the fingernail to have been left on the floor looking like it just came off someone’s hand. Either way, it’s interesting to think of how these objects have reached their current situations.

Urban Artifacts: Phase1

The splash of gum and crooked pin are organic, the straw wrapper is somehow a geometric shape. The gum had been blended into the floor, it shows that it had been on the floor for a period of time.The crooked pin had been stuck in the slit on the floor.The straw wrapper had been sitting on the floor, seen to be just thrown on the floor, Since there are people cleaning the floor in the subway. All of the artifacts are stable because they stand out from the floor when you look down.

These artifacts had a similar ending to them, which they are useless after people use it. For example for the splash of gum, owner done chewing it and spit it out, which means it’s life is done. The pin is the same when it crooked, the user throw it away. The straw wrapper was the same, it’s life was to protect the straw from the outside, when people use the straw, they don’t need the wrapper anymore. Things’ life are done when their owner don’t need them anymore.

link to our Google map

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1



I took 3 pictures of Urban artifacts on the trip. The first picture was a dead bird. The dead bird signifies how Mother nature work. The bird will decompose and transfer energy through the soil to help the tree grow that will give life to other things like worms and so the circle of life repeats. The bird is a stable picture because it only shows a dead bird. The bird is organic because it has curves on the wings to actually make it fly with many dimensions. The second picture was a random paper plate on the floor near the sidewalk. That can have a lot of meaning like how the paper plate got manufactured by a factory and distributed to a restaurant to use the paper plate. The paper plate looked like it was from a pizza shop due to the grease on it and someone just threw out the plate when they finished eating the pizza.The paper plate is organic because it doesn’t have many line figures and instead a point that is semi big. The paper plate is also  Organic because it has a stain on it that can have more of a meaning to it. The last picture was a missing tile on the sidewalk. I don’t know how a cemented tile can be missing in the side walk besides no one ever putting one there. The tile is Geometric because it usually have lines that help it make it into a square that turns into a tile. The picture is stable because it doesn’t show much besides a tile missing. They all have something in common though. They are things that us humans take for granted. Life of the bird means life in general is taken for granted by people and not know how to take advantage of being alive. The paper plate is a privilege to have because some people don’t have plates to eat on and some just don’t take care of the Earth because they don’t really think of the bad consequences there are to littering. The tile shows how unimportant and little something missing can do so much like cause an accident just on a missing tile, yet it is something small that can turn into something big.

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