Dead Bird- 330 Jay St

Dead Bird- 330 Jay St


gum and leaves


crumpled paper


New York City is known to be as the “city that never sleeps”. Therefore, due to the constant movement of people, no matter the time, trash can be located about anywhere. Fast paced individuals tend to throw garbage on the floor simply because of not having “enough time” to be strayed away from their plans. During my walk along Jay St, I stumbled across a few “urban artifacts” as portrayed in the images above. You tend to wonder ,” how did this get here?”


My first observation was the dead pigeon located next to a tree. I began to question what occurred to cause the death of the pigeon. I concluded that it may have been harmed which lead the pigeon to simply accept the idea of not being able to heal properly. Maybe, I’m wrong but those were my conclusions.


In my second image, I captured leaves and gum stains on the ground. Gum is always spit out onto the ground but i often wonder if it would be better if people were to spit the gum into a napkin and throw it away instead of spitting it onto the floor.


in my last image, I shot a crumpled piece of paper found on the floor. I began to question what the paper had on it that made it unimportant. I began to think maybe it was a receipt from the stores that were located a few feet away. You can never know for sure, therefore all of these thoughts and scenarios are just assumptions.