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Urban Artifacts: Phase1

The splash of gum and crooked pin are organic, the straw wrapper is somehow a geometric shape. The gum had been blended into the floor, it shows that it had been on the floor for a period of time.The crooked pin had been stuck in the slit on the floor.The straw wrapper had been sitting on the floor, seen to be just thrown on the floor, Since there are people cleaning the floor in the subway. All of the artifacts are stable because they stand out from the floor when you look down.

These artifacts had a similar ending to them, which they are useless after people use it. For example for the splash of gum, owner done chewing it and spit it out, which means it’s life is done. The pin is the same when it crooked, the user throw it away. The straw wrapper was the same, it’s life was to protect the straw from the outside, when people use the straw, they don’t need the wrapper anymore. Things’ life are done when their owner don’t need them anymore.

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  1. Val Bailon

    Wow that was pretty deep. When things are done of being used, their life is over. Your artifacts are able to show how us new yorkers leave evidence behind of how we just use and throw away things. The ground is always our grave.

  2. Genique

    I love how you were able to take pictures of things that we as New Yorker would just pass over , and you were able to create a story with that.

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