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Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project tome was the longest. It was interesting using gouache paint for the first time. It was difficult to me, I’ve never really been good at painting in general. Creating specific shades of light and darks was a challenge, partly because of mixing the wrong proportions of black and white and adding to much or too little water to the mixture. Something I could’ve done better was manage my time properly to have been able to finish in time. Overall it was a challenging and enjoyable project.

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 1

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

This took me a while to finally finish. The Narrow-Range Digital Collage took the longest due to the amount of small shapes the original collage has. Overall I am pleased with my work.

Time Spent : 4 – 5 hours

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 2

Time Spent : 3 hours

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

The first image was took in the class room and edited in Photoshop to give more of dark look. The darkness gives a very mysterious feeling, maybe it just me but I feel almost afraid to walk in to it. The highlight is the small paper cup on the right, and the darkest part is the deepest part of the counter top. As you move from the paper cup further in towards the center, the items on the counter top get harder to see.

The second image was also taken in the classroom. It was just cropped to have more white in the composition. The strong contrast created by the white mouse and the black pad make a closed value composition. The little marks and dust gives the mouse a ton of character. The white specks give the black pad texture.   The highlights are the reflected light coming from the open windows on the left.

Time Worked : 1 hour.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

This project was very unique. I’ve never done anything like this. It really helped me listen closely to every sound in music and in some cases, heard things I’ve never heard  before. Creating the mash up in Photoshop was fun. Although I have used Photoshop to create a gif during high school, I had  to teach myself how to do it all again.

Phase  1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

Common – Book of Life

The song starts of with the hook of the song which is the beat scratching and the artist repeating a statement. For the beat scratching I imagine zig-zag lines in a medium thick black line. The beat and the verse start in the exact moment. The loudest part of the song are the vocals, the beat is lower and just in the background with some distinct sounds. When the hook starts again, the beat changes to the same from the very beginning with an added rhythm on top to connect it to the verse.

Just as the hook and verse have a different beat, when the artist either slows down the beat adds a different one to emphasize certain words he says. This causes the flow of the songs to be almost distorted, the sounds could go from smooth to sharp to smooth to rough all to help the lyrics stand out more. The entire instrumental of the song is used to help emphasize the vocals.

Time worked : 30 mins.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

This Project was fun. I was unable to complete it on time due to my trouble getting the supplies. Other than that, this project was unique. At first I was questioning how can photoshoping random object teach us about Foreground and Background relationships. It all started to make sense when the class was critiquing. Seeing other students work, hearing what they had to say about each others work, all helped me understand the relationship between the black and white compositions. Overall this was a fun and unique project.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3


This part of the project was more difficult and the others. Creating the compositions on Photoshop was quicker due to the tools we’re able to use. Inking the lines and getting ever curve took quite long. Choosing which set of Stable and Ambiguous was difficult. Not only did I want to pick a stable that was easy to understand and an ambiguous that really mad you think, both compositions had to compliment each other.

Time Spent: 2-3 hours.

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