Common – Book of Life

The song starts of with the hook of the song which is the beat scratching and the artist repeating a statement. For the beat scratching I imagine zig-zag lines in a medium thick black line. The beat and the verse start in the exact moment. The loudest part of the song are the vocals, the beat is lower and just in the background with some distinct sounds. When the hook starts again, the beat changes to the same from the very beginning with an added rhythm on top to connect it to the verse.

Just as the hook and verse have a different beat, when the artist either slows down the beat adds a different one to emphasize certain words he says. This causes the flow of the songs to be almost distorted, the sounds could go from smooth to sharp to smooth to rough all to help the lyrics stand out more. The entire instrumental of the song is used to help emphasize the vocals.

Time worked : 30 mins.