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Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Work Time : 1 hour

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

All the objects left on the ground of our busy city are there for a reason. Each little object that people just walk over has much more to it than we think. That tipped over water bottle. Why was it there? Right next door to a school? Across the street from a park. Perhaps a student was at the park playing his or her favorite sport and once finished, sat in front of the building before going into class to get a drink of water. That unopened straw found on the corner of a store, could have multiple possibilities of what happened. Maybe someone was coming out of the store with a drink and before they could open the straw, they dropped it without noticing. Now lastly, the pen cap. Usually we keep our pens in our book bag or pocket. So how did this person lose a pen cap? Perhaps they were walking somewhere while writing? Maybe as a person was talking out a pen from their pocket, the cap caught onto the pants and just fell off. There are endless possibilities as how how a bottle, a straw and a pen cap could be left on the ground.

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