Sound Visualizations: Phase 2

The crosses represent the piano followed by more notes and the strings represent the violin in the song that gets louder eventually overwhelming the piano. I worked about 40 minutes with the scan.

Urban Artifacts:Phase 2

This took me around 2 hours or a bit more. Within the first image, there are 11 thumbnail sketches choosing three out of them create one ambiguous figure and two stable.  The second shows an ambiguous figure due to the lines reaching towards the edges of the page. Along with having an unstable ground as the white parts of the image can also be a fous point.  The final two picture are stable as it shows clearly what the fous is along with having a larger bakground that supports that image.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

It took me roughly  2-3 hours to complete the thumbnail and refined sketches.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2


The first image is a total of 6 thumbnail sketches and it represents an even number of 3 stable figures and 3 ambiguous figures. The time total of the sketch is around 4-5 minutes. The second image represents a ambiguous figure because its detail gives a organic shape that takes most of the ground (negative space) on one side, notice from its nature flow of the line and it’s not a geometric shape. This sketch had taken me in a total of around 3-5 minutes. The final image is consider a stable figure because the figure (positive space) seems to be in a very economy (calm) position therefore there’s not much action going on. This sketch took me in a total of 1-2 minutes (very quick, simple). Some similarities that I can point out between the ambiguous and stable sketch is both are obviously black & white, both have an organic shape and there’s more ground space than figure.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Sorry in advance if it’s too light (About 4 hours)

The first two sketches are stable and I plan on skipping the detail when it comes to phase 3. It’s stable because the background surrounds the keychain and bracelet so the figure is clear. I The other two sketches are ambiguous because it’s supposed to make your eyes move from the gray areas back to the empty white areas.