Urban Artifacts: Phase 2


The first image is a total of 6 thumbnail sketches and it represents an even number of 3 stable figures and 3 ambiguous figures. The time total of the sketch is around 4-5 minutes. The second image represents a ambiguous figure because its detail gives a organic shape that takes most of the ground (negative space) on one side, notice from its nature flow of the line and it’s not a geometric shape. This sketch had taken me in a total of around 3-5 minutes. The final image is consider a stable figure because the figure (positive space) seems to be in a very economy (calm) position therefore there’s not much action going on. This sketch took me in a total of 1-2 minutes (very quick, simple). Some similarities that I can point out between the ambiguous and stable sketch is both are obviously black & white, both have an organic shape and there’s more ground space than figure.

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