Color Harmony: Phase 1


By Wahleyah Black

For this first Image, I decided to go with a monochromatic blue. The image itself is an example of it, having from a very light blue using it as highlights within the image and then a navy blue for within the shadows.


By Toni Grote

The second image represents the complementary colors with purple on the bottom part of the image and turning into orange to yellow. Seeing as complementary colors are those opposite of each other such as Blue and orange, and red with green. The same would go for purple and yellow, therefore, becoming a nice example of it.


By Supreme James

The third and final image is an example of Analogous, this is because of the colors it contains, which would blue purple and pink/orange in which the colors follow one after the other in the color wheel, which is what an analogous color is and why the colors present would be an example of analogous color.


Worked 1 hour

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