project 3: Juxtaposition

 I was eager to discover the other Las Vegas, the real Las Vegas

While this quote isn’t about New York, it certainly relates to it. Vegas has the same style of flash as some parts of New York, such as Times square, and Rockefeller center, and being someones whose been to Vegas,  it does feel like that there are parts about it that we as tourists should know about, things that’ll make your experience better than any gimmicky hotel ever could. When traveling anywhere there are sites you’ll see, and sites you should see. Some of my favorite places to visit in New York are many locations even other New Yorker’s don’t know about.

You start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it. 

Every one has that one place in the city they always go to, whether they’re bored, or trying to show out-of-town relatives a good time. My personal favorite places are east 86 st. from 5 av to Lexington (also a block or so away from the MET) and the North woods (I only go at night, and i even spent my new years there, my sister and i played winter Olympics on the frozen lake). Your own personal New York could also just be your neighborhood, i was born here and still live in the same place, so these familiar locations shaped me growing up.

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where the palatial town houses and co-ops of Carnegie Hill bump up against the tenements and public housing projects of East Harlem, there is a census tract just north of East 96th Street where the average income in the top fifth of the spectrum is $561,762, and the average in the bottom fifth is $11,634.

This paragraph stood out to me because this is my neighborhood, On 5th av is central park, but from Park av to Madison is where the railroad starts, its where this railroad starts is where this dramatic shift in income changes.  But no matter where apartments or houses near parks will always cost more, and it’s almost double for getting a view of it, and while the railroad may not have any correlation to the buildings there,  when ever i passed it, even as a child the change was obvious.

These three quotes all represent my New York, and how I’ve always seen it, from being flashy and maybe easy to see to my favorite locations and even the huge income gap that is clearly visible from outside my window. These quotes add to my personal New York.

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