I had never thought about them: discourse communities, genres, and rhetoric ideas. So, all the concepts that I have been learning are fresh and unique to me. They also make sense to me. Discourse communities basically happen many times in our lives: the first day of school or work, etc. I have never thought about them before although I am in There. Now, I realized why I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. We all are in the group, and each group is bent. I’ve never thought about the genre itself, and while I was teaching, I noticed that my point of view was too narrow-minded. Genre is not only in the library but also what happens in our daily lives.

Moreover, the rhetorical question makes me think deeply. There is a statement: the sky is blue. That is quite obvious to people. There’s no way to consider the reason why the sky is blue. It leads me to think about the other side.

In short, I am so glad to learn and think about the writing concepts. It is not only about writing but also about life. All the concepts are daily using in our lives; therefore, knowing about these ideas makes you improve itself.

Writers Statement


The idea of discourse communities makes the most sense when comparing it to genres and rhetoric to me. Discourse communities has played a large role in my youth from when I moved to Egypt in 2006 to coming back to New York In 2012. The fact that a person can distinguish one group of people from another depending on where they are shows that a persons mind is shaped according to their environment. Those who have traveled anywhere In the world can definitely agree that discourse communities are all over and it depends on common interest and differences to shape a specific discourse community. I’ve come to the realization that genres really depends on a persons mindset. I might view something as dull while the next man views it as all the light in the world. Rhetoric is definitely a topic that is very complex when it comes up in discussion due to it being about how someone views a specific thing that has meaning behind it. Discourse community is a very useful term in the sense where it is a concept that is used to specify a group of individuals with specific interests that distinguish them from others. A discourse community is not something that is thought of on site, rather it is something that you realize once you are no longer in contact with that specific group.


Writer’s Statement

Discourse communities are something I am not new to, growing up in middle school I have always been like a group hopper who was cool with everybody so I got into groups fairly easily. Genres was something that I felt like I had always had a grasp on, like the basic concept of it being a specific set of literature that follows a certain pattern and rules for that certain genre. Like I said in my genres blogpost, I feel as if I know the hiphop/rap genre very well throughout the many years i have listening to it. As for discourse communities, it was a word I was foreign to but not foreign to the concept. Regrettably, rhetoric is one concept that I have not gotten a grasp on, I can’t even give you the definition if you asked for it right now. I only know of it as in the context of a rhetorical question but I know that is not the same as rhetoric in literature but i am sure I will get the concept sooner than later. Discourse communities is something useful as well as genres. In my opinion, they seem to be the same because they refer to groups that have something in common with each other so that is one way I help myself remember the two.


alex torres writers statement

When i look back at it now i have a pretty good idea of what discord communities are, and i can identify some of them in my own personal life, from soccer, to college students to vide games. I do see the the corralation a topic like that has in many people life. My problem with it though is that i don’t have much information after that, are i don’t know how it impacts me in anyway so I think I get the topic but i do not understand the point of identifying an idea like that. Rhetorical questions I understand on a social aspect, when you as an audience a question that is not supposed to be answered, but just like the discord communities I don’t understand t the purpose of it. In my honest opinion i have not thought about these ideas in my everyday life, and I would like to learn more and maybe see how it would impact in the groups of friends i make abd how i associate with them. But other than in class I have never thought about these topics outside of class. I think it is because discord communties are not at easily to identify and see if it is worth it to be in those groups, if it benifits you or not.

Writers Statment

Discourse communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me. The reason why they make sense to me is because we deal with these more often than we think or sometimes we don’t even realize were dealing with them. For example back in high school it was common for us too pick genres (mostly persuasive) that we found interesting and we would research and write about. When it comes to Discourse Communities we tend to find ourselves in them sometimes without even realizing it at the moment. I believe there useful concepts because, Discourse communities can help you grow and become smarter as a person and can help you become more confident as a person. While Genres can help you become more smarter when it comes to researching about certain topics and gathering more information. I never really thought about these before, other then genres because we used them a lot back in high school when it came to writing essays. As for Discourse Communities I remember being part of them but looking back at it now I realize it was a discourse community I just didn’t know I was in one at the moment. When it comes to rhetoric I never really thought about them before.             

Writers statement

In this topic I  can say that ideas of discourse communities, genres and rhetoric does make sense due to the meaning it leads to. I say this because by understanding these main points it can help you understand the society that has a unique environment. Discourse communities is important because it helps you get involve in  a different environment/ culture where you can help introduce yourself to something new. Genres is something that is so known in school because of its different topics like fiction, non fiction, drama, and action etc. I think a very known one is fiction because typically fiction has been more in books because of its false stories made up ones.

Writers Statement

                                                           U2 Writer Statement                                                                                     The Idea of Discourse Community, Genres, and Rhetoric makes sense to me because it the idea of freedom. It allows you to explore your mind and dive deeper into something you interested in. Yes I think the concept is useful because it allows to understand you like on a deeper level. Yes I have thought. Meanly when I have to write something rhetorically.


Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric

To be honest I have never really thought about these types of writing genres/concepts before, But I can see how important they are. Discourse communities are apart of everyone’s life whether they like it or not. Its what changes you, Its what makes you different from everybody else. It gives you character and makes you special. A discourse community is a group of people involved in communicating about a particular topic, issue, or a particular field. Rhetoric is the art of persuasion. Along with grammar and logic, it is one that gives meaning to words you put on paper. Rhetoric is all around us today. Billboard ads, television commercials, newspaper ads,news stories, they all try to some degree sway our opinion or convince us to take some sort of action. Rhetoric in all actuality, shapes our lives. Everyday we have an array of options to do whether it be shopping or starting a community. Genre is a type of art characterized by a specific form, content, and style. For example, literature has many types of genres but the main ones are fiction,non-fiction and poetry. All of these genres have particular features and functions that distinguish them from one another. Theses are all useful concepts that can be used in a day to day life.

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are all part of our daily life we are involved in it without even noticing ourself. Discourse communities are trying to belong somewhere but you truly don’t feel like you belong in that place. Many people may feel discomfort and feel like they don’t belong in a place in our society. This is a useful concept for not only people like these That are being left out but for others who may not have the opportunity to know what a discourse community is. I always felt left out especially when I was younger and adapting to new schools and meeting new people its always hard to find friends and not always easy especially if you want to fit in a specific type of group. Genre can be titled as many things  and be known for many things. Genre is reflective on many people and everyones taste is quite different or the same depending on you’re choosing. I personally enjoy a genre that has suspense and a thrilling sense of writing where you can’t wait to know what happens next or what book comes next to know what happens with the characters or the plot has changed. Rhetoric in my opinion is not a useful concept because not everyone uses it and I believe some people are more intrigued into the concept more than others. I don’t personally use it but I believe Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are used daily in ones writing of personal life and we don’t show it. Everyone approaches it differently.