1. Searched google for “Bills passed in 2019 in NY”
  2. Clicked “
    1. I clicked this site because it is a government website
    2. Stayed for about 5 mins since I didn’t find any actual information.
    3. I Decided the information was useless because all this page told me was how many votes their were and no actual information about the bill
  3. Searched google for “ new health and reproductive bill in new york”
  4. Clicked “
    1. I clicked this site because It is an article of the abortion law recently passed
    2. I stayed for about 5 mins
    3. Some information was useful while most was not
  5. Searched google for “New abortion law”
  6. Clicked “
    1. I clicked this site  because its a fact check website
    2. I stayed for about 10 mins
    3. I found the information useful because it gave a detailed description about what the bill is and the limitations to certain parts

Rules that make writing hard (Classwork)

When writing an essay I tend to think about things like grammar, punctuation and if the essay is interesting. I can never start the rest of the essay without finishing the introduction and when writing the introduction I think about if my hook is good enough or if my thesis is okay. I am a perfectionist so if I’m not satisfied with my intro I will start over. When I’m finally satisfied with my introduction I will begin my body paragraph by bringing up one of the points I’m trying to make. I will explain how the point is relevant to the topic and why it supports what I am trying to say. I will continue with another paragraph bringing up another point. Depending on the type of essay it is I will add another point or I will add a counter claim. I tend to rewrite ever paragraph 1-3 times depending on how satisfied I am with my writing.

My goals

My goals for college are to figure out my major and when I do figure it out, to work hard to complete and pass all my classes and requirements need to graduate and start my career. After college I hope to find a job that I like and I’m happy to do because I believe that success is based on happiness. I see writing fitting into my college goals because in college you are constantly writing papers and taking notes. Writing fits into my after college goals because with every career field I am considering there is lots and lots of paperwork. I chose a picture of pink glitter because I love things both pink and glittery and I feel like it describes my personality if you get to know me.