Writers Statement

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me because, in my opinion, they have really good concepts to make you understand how other discourse communities work. Discourse communities play a role in my everyday life because I find myself in a new environment almost every day and thinking to myself of how I am going to fit in. I have learned a lot about genres because in a way we use it every day and they also teach us about genre in high school and the one that I mostly remember is fiction because  a lot of the things that we read in school wasn’t real and then we would have to write an essay on it after.


The time I tried to join a new discourse community was a high school because it’s a new setting, new people, and new rules. What happened in this new discourse community was I had to find my own circle to hang out with every day I had to hand in my work on time.

However, I also joined clubs in my high school which was a little hard because there were all these upper-classmen before me and I had to find a way to fit in with them and be friends with them as well


How to start doing research?

I start doing research by looking up the topic that I am doing and read lots of different articles.

I have been told not to use Wikipedia because of the information on that website is not reliable because people can go in and change the information at any time. Another reason is that a lot of people like to copy and paste from Wikipedia.

Research Activity

Topic: Police Brutality

The way how I started my research was seeing what the percentile rank of police brutality was like each year to see how many people are killed by a police officer.

Second I looked up the most recent police brutality case that is ongoing.

Third I looked up to see how much of these officers get indicted for that they do.

The links that I followed was https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/21/us/willie-mccoy-police-shooting.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FPolice Brutality and Misconduct&action=click&contentCollection=timestopics&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection


What made me hit the first link was because it told me how many black unarmed teenagers were killed by police officers each year and what made me click on the second link was because I had heard about the young man that was shot and killed.

However, I stayed on this page for about ten minutes. And this information was very useful to me because it told me the numbers of unarmed black teenagers that were killed by police officers each year.

Bad Ideas

Title: Response: Never use “I”
By: Kimberly N. Parker
Partner: Shoshanna and Alex

The main idea is that the new generation is writing but saying “I” to much. She wants to help writers understand who they are as a person. She also wants to help guide them as a creative source for liberation.
However, in the reading, it said ” Thus, we spend our semester together in an attempt to help writers rewrite their understanding of how to be present and alive in their writing. Literacy experts Jeff Anderson and Deborah Dean advise that writers need options for how to say what they want to say”. This quote is explaining that as writers sometimes it can be hard to know what to write because writers may not know how to explain themselves in their writing for another reader to try to get what they are saying.

A better idea would be to help teach writers how to use different words instead of I.

My Literacy Sponsors

Dear Noah,

I chose my 11th grade English teacher named Mrs. Hanuman as my literacy sponsor because she helped me improve my writing skills in a big way to pass my Regents exam. By doing that she helped me improve in my vocabulary words, and writing a well detailed essay that have supporting evidence in it so I can back up what I’m saying.

Also, by going to her after school and Saturday school program she would always review my work and give me great feedback on my writing. By doing this she helped me feel more confident in my writing even though her teaching could have been harsh sometimes I know she was only pushing me to do my best for the future .

Mike Rose

The rules that I hear in my head while writing is to always keep your writing in chronological order so that it makes sense and to make sure it’s not all over the place. Also, to make sure that you have 5 paragraphs which is an introduction that will capture your audience attention and having 3 detailed body paragraph where you provide evidence from the reading and lastly your conclusion where you end off nicely.

The things that make it hard for me to write is knowing how to start and what to write because I want it to sound perfect to grab the readers attention. Sometimes knowing how to use the correct grammar can make it hard for me to write because I might not know where to place the correct punctuation.

Mike Rose explains in his article that rules can sometimes hurt our writing because it makes you not to know what to write or how to start at times. For example, Ruth have a problem starting the hook that’s because in school she was told that a good hook grabs the readers attention.

Shoshanna Goals

My goals for college is to learn new things my professors that can help me get ready for my career and to pass all my classes with a B and above. Also, my goals for after college is to become a professional photographer and a film director.

I see writing fitting into my future career because I might have to write about my photography work and the pictures that I have taken.