The first thing¬†I do when starting to do my google search is reflecting on what topic I’m doing and getting the base information of it. Than I tend to google the topic on google and click on different links to get more information for my project/essay.

In the past years, during school time I was always told to not rely on Wikipedia because it tends to present false information that can’t be approved by others.

In my perspective view I think I’m more like Susan because she gathers specific information at first¬† and than tends to choose what information is more valid than the other. She uses google a more common resource to help her find information base3d on the topic, which is related to my way of finding evidence from sources.



world cup google searching

  1. Searched ‚Äúworld cup controversy‚ÄĚ on Google because i‚Äôve always used google and i felt confident on giving e good info
  2. Clicked on ‚Äú ‚ÄĚ titled ‚Äúthe world cup disaster in Qatar‚ÄĚ because it was exactly what i was looking for as it pertained to my subject.
  3. ¬†I went back to google and clicked on ‚Äú‚ÄĚ titled ‚Äú300 million world cup is nearly abandoned‚ÄĚ and that on egave me more insgiht to related worlcuo diasters that happened before
  4. after that i thought that i found enough info as they really proved my point of why the world cup is bad so i stopped

“Googlepedia” Nour El-refaey


Part 1

When it comes to researching a specific topic, and trying to come up with interesting and valuable information I usually start by using my own knowledge on the topic, followed by online reliable source proof. The reason why I always start by using my own knowledge on a topic is because everything that I tend to remember about anything is remembered because of how interesting it is to me. Nobody remembers boring things that doesn’t spark interest in their mind.

Secondly once I’m out of personal knowledge I go straight to searching the topic and the top result will always be Wikipedia. I look at Wikipedia so that I could get a better understanding of the topic I am about to write a whole lot about. Wikipedia is very reliable when it comes to getting a time frame on certain topics. For example if I was doing research on automobiles, Wikipedia would be my primary source for dates and information on the history of automobiles.

Tertiary, I love including articles in my research papers from reliable sources around the internet. Most of my writing would be based on articles because articles are usually based on specific events that all relate to each other. For example if I am writing a research paper on the Arab Spring that occurred in 2011, news articles from around that date on that topic will give you information on specific experiences that were faced by individuals in those middle eastern countries at the time. The reason why I chose regular articles rather than news articles is because the news tends to miss out on more valuable and interesting events. It is almost as if regular articles are written from the point of view of the people in a country while the news writes on the political stance of an issue that goes on in a country.

Without citing your information on a research paper, the whole paper will go to waste because it is considered plagiarism, which is something that is taken very seriously within the writing world.


Emdad Khan.                                                                     ENG 1101                                                02/27/2019

Whenever I write a research paper, I mostly go to google to search in online. Because google is world biggest search engine in the world. Google has access for all kind of people and almost anyone can write their thought and argument in online. Also writers can write blog post, important notes, and important documents. For having access to google all kind of people, google has established many fake news and information which can lead people to distraction. As a result, we can distract ourselve and can discuss false information again and again.

For college research paper, I avoid all unreliable sources. Unlike Edward and Susan I do not try to give authenticity to my work from some sources that I may not reliable. Of course, I take information from google, but I try my best to find out reliable sources. To find out reliable source, I find out who wrote it and does their other information was true and factual enough that I can use it to support my research paper. Edward was too reliable on online articles without looking it authenticity. Another mistake he makes  it was he came to point right way without judging the sources. Is it reliable or not ?

Anothe source beside google, I used newspaper to write my research paper. Unlike Susan who used Wikipedia while Wikipedia is always changeable and anyone can write on Wikipedia. I think to make our research more factual and reliable, we need to collect information from real sources instead anything else. Best way to judge any post, I select articles from reliable sources. For example, news paper articles and business articles. Also I take information from blog post that I previously know from my preknowledge.

As a researcher, my opinion about using google and wikipedia are equally important, but I need to judge sources first before I start quot from those sources. Using fact and reliable sources are equally important for my research papers. Also having news form news paper can make my research more reliable then taking something from unknown sources.

If I use any other sources and without any authenticity, my research papers can be false statements and people will not take it for granted. As a result, my all work can be useless and misguided.




Part 1:

Whenever I’m doing a research paper or if I’m just curious about something the first thing I use is google. For this assignment the topic I chose was the education should be free for everyone.

There are many different websites that had information about this topic. There was so many different options, and a lot of arguments regarding this situation. I prefer using google, it’s always my first option no matter what because there are so many links to choose from and there’s a large amount of options to pick from unlike Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a limited resource, while google has a wide variety of information. While using google I found alot of information about why college should be free for everyone. There was alot of information showing that the loans that students had to payback was having them in major dept. There was also a chart that I found that showed if college was 100% free no matter what, the amount of student would sky rocket and that more students would be interested in going to college.

– I always start with google because it’s something I’m used to and very familiar with, and there’s ¬†a larger amount of information on google then Wikipedia.

– I followed many links, anything that i found interesting i read about and used. If the link looked boring and dull i just wouldn’t bother with it and i would just move on to the next link.

– I would mostly stay on a page for about 5-7 minutes depending on how interesting the link is. I try to be quick because i dont want to get stuck on one link, I wanna be able to see what other links may have just so I don’t miss any useful information.

– I decide weather the information is useful or not if it supports my argumentor or if it doesn’t. If it makes alot of sense of what my topic is about then I’ll use it if not I’ll just move on to the next.

Part 2:

1- How do you start research?

The way I start my research is by using google to be able to find information that I can use and learn more about.

2- Has anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to use google/Wikipedia?

Yes, during high school there were specific assignments that we were only supposed to use readings that were given to us.

3- Are you more like Susan or Edward?

I’m more like susan because I prefer using google and the information that i find there.

Search Log

  1. Topic= Crisis in Venezuela¬† (The Univision Team was “briefly detained” in Venezuela after the interview with President Maduro).
  2. ¬†I started by researching the topic i was my fond of and is causing such dis drought to allot of people in Venezuela and the u.s. I decided to start with google and typing in the situation. I decided to start this way because i would get to see many sources implying this situation rather then brainstorming and not being able to find any information at all. I prefer google rather than Wikipedia because allot of the times Wikipedia does not have accurate information, then my whole topic or what I’m trying to tell about the crisis will be in accurate.
  4. I hit this link because it was very useful it explained my topic and the issue very well. It states about an interview where Jorge Ramos a Univison Reporter went to Maduro and was settled down for an interview to talk about the crisis in Venezuela and why the president was doing nothing about it. Jorge Ramos Later than was taken into custody and his interview equipment was taken away without consent. This was a very big controversy when The Unvision team was gone in Venezuela by Maduro’s orders and no one knowing where they were for a while.
  5. I generally stay on a page for quite a while to see if the information is relevant or its not. I would break down the information  and examine each paragraph to see why these certain things occurred or what made this person take such action.

Research Activity

  1. First of all, I started looking for “How to fight the Flu Virus” which is a interesting topic, I started typing that on google and this website catch my attention, this is the way I always do research the first link is the first I click.
  3. It made me hit that specific link because is telling me 10 ways of how to fight the flu virus (Got the Flu? Try These 10 Tips to Ease Symptoms – WebMD).
  4. I was actually reading the 10 tips so I stayed for 10 mins min, but normally if the page says any interesting information about what I am looking for I stayed longer if not probably 1 min max.
  5. Because it makes sense, I’m not a specialist on this but I think the information in the page was really useful and is recommendable.


First I search on google about the topic I’m gonna do my research paper about, so for this research activity I did a little research on “Immigration detention center condition”

Each link on google had different news about the issues in the detention facilities then i started looking up more specific problems people are facing on the detention center. The information on google are useful to do a research.

The most interesting information I found out about this topic is that because of poor facilities in detention center people are getting sick and dying and even kids are victims of sexual abuse in detention center.


When it comes to research the first thing come across my mind are Google and Wikipedia. Google makes us a little researcher . Google is a search engine with lots of knowledge. I can find answer for almost everything in Google. It is my most favorite search engine. It’s like my day start with little bit research on Google either the research about makeup or shopping or political or geographical. It become part of our life.In the early morning when I wake up if I need to know about what‚Äôs going on in the current world i just go to Google and type my topic and it has all the answers of my curious mind. I mostly used Wikipedia for ¬†biography of people.

Every good thing has some adversity as well. Google made our life easier but along with it, makes us lazy to find something from books. Sometimes people just do copy paste from Google rather using their own knowledge. Finally I believe research is all about mixture of  online knowledge and self study.


1) I start  my research by narrowing down the information given to me. I then go on google or an other website to start my research. I then start to collect all my information into one place such as a word doc or power point.

2)I was told not to use¬†Wikipedia but my high school¬†English¬†teacher. She wanted everything to come from your mind and not someone else’s.But i do enjoy using¬†Wikipedia because¬†it lets me find information that I never know existed.

3) I am more like Susan because she cant seem to find the right information to put into that essay. I am all over the place just like Susan and when I do finally find the right information I will use that information to the best of my ability.