My Literacy Sponsors

Dear Noah,

I chose my 11th grade English teacher named Mrs. Hanuman as my literacy sponsor because she helped me improve my writing skills in a big way to pass my Regents exam. By doing that she helped me improve in my vocabulary words, and writing a well detailed essay that have supporting evidence in it so I can back up what I’m saying.

Also, by going to her after school and Saturday school program she would always review my work and give me great feedback on my writing. By doing this she helped me feel more confident in my writing even though her teaching could have been harsh sometimes I know she was only pushing me to do my best for the future .

1 thought on “My Literacy Sponsors”

  1. Ah, tough teacher love! I wonder why it is that we most often remember the really nice supportive teachers and the ones that are supportive in a demanding way more than all the other teachers we have in our lives. Mrs. Hanuman sounds like she went way above and beyond the usual for you, and it’s terrific that you recognize her for it. Good post!
    –Prof Blain

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