Literary Sponsor…

Dear Miss Roach,

First and foremost I want to thank you for all of the support you showed me throughout high school. I learned a lot about my struggles in writing , and learned to overcome them through you. You chose to be my friend before a teacher on the first day of class due to me being the one student in your AP English class that stood out. All the students in your class looked down on me because they thought I wasn’t up to par with them. Without your support I would have definitely compared to what the other students thought of me. It was definitely hard to do all the work you handed me, due to my lack of responsibility when it comes to doing homework, but you pushed me, and never gave up. You are the main reason why I came to college to pursue a career that I dreamed of my whole life.

Thank you.

Literary Sponser

Dear Mom ,

I chose my mom because she just didn’t impact me to be who I am today but she helped me through out my whole life to become a better reader and writer. She has always pushed me even if it meant ripping my pages off and having to do my writing over and over again. Through out my years the teachers I have had weren’t all great they all had different methods of teaching one more successful for me then the other.Although English always being my weak suit. My grades always flawed because I was able to do one thing I wasn’t able to do in my other courses which meant expressing my emotions and thoughts and write them down on paper. Pushing me to read everyday and be stuck in the library all day and having no entertainment has had a positive impact on me it has made me a better reader and writer and which is why I thank my mom everyday for it.

my sponsor

Dear Harmony,

I want to tell you how much you impacted me. I’ve grown to talk alot more i class and be more interested in writing abut topics and reading and participating in class. and before we met I would be quiet in class and now I’m talkative and actaully intersted in class,


(she was my high school English teacher)

My literacy sponsors

Dear Ariely,


My literacy sponsors are my mother and my 11th grade English teacher. My mother is one of my literacy sponsor because as soon as I moved here she pushed me to read and write to improve my skills and learn English, that helped me not stay behind in classes and learn the language really fast. My 11th grade English teacher really helped me develop to my writing skills and expand my vocabulary, Mrs. Brannon really helped me make my writing better. When writing she helped me make all of my ideas into a concrete one, she pushed me to always try my best and to learn from my mistakes.

Literary Sponsor

02/10/2019      Dear…… Dad,                                                                                                                                                           I’m finding it hard to put this in words, but thank you. I know our relationship inst really the best and I know if you could, you’d go back and change it. But before you could, like I’m doing now I’d stop you. The times spend good and bad have taught me things I haven’t realized yet. Things I’ve started to realize as I begin the journey of raising my own kids. As you know reading wasn’t ever my strong suit, but the weekend mornings spent laying in your bed reading grade books with stories that held imagination like skyscrapers are times I wouldn’t give in for any afternoon for playing baseball or soccer. Thank You.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sincerely                                                                                                                                                     Your Son

Literacy sponsors

dear Mrs sherwood

My literacy sponsor would be my english teacher from my junior year of high school. Throughout that year i had gotten myself in a lot of trouble with a numerous amount of teachers. Through all the incidents I got in trouble with she was the one teacher that always tried helping me get out of the trouble I was in. The reason for that was because she believed in me and knew that i had potential of getting grades that would exceed many others teachers expectation that they had for me. Mrs sherwwod was a very positive teacher and made my English class experience with her the greatest class i ever took. She helped me develop my writing in many ways and always wanted to help me improve. She made class very interesting, her way of teaching could make anyone intrested and excited about writing. She was a major part of my success and development that year, and helped me become a more confident writer.

My Literacy Sponsors

Dear Noah,

I chose my 11th grade English teacher named Mrs. Hanuman as my literacy sponsor because she helped me improve my writing skills in a big way to pass my Regents exam. By doing that she helped me improve in my vocabulary words, and writing a well detailed essay that have supporting evidence in it so I can back up what I’m saying.

Also, by going to her after school and Saturday school program she would always review my work and give me great feedback on my writing. By doing this she helped me feel more confident in my writing even though her teaching could have been harsh sometimes I know she was only pushing me to do my best for the future .

Dear Bully in middle school

You are my literacy sponsor because with out you bullys bulling me I wouldn’t  want to push my self to be a better reader. I always thought reading was uncool until I realized not knowing how to read makes you uncool. It took hours of reading to get where I am today. Looking back on those day I would aways read a book when Im upset or got in trouble to keep my mind off things. If those bully didn’t make fun of me for not knowing how to read who know what would of come of me

My literacy sponsor

Dear Zubair

My literacy sponsors are my mother from my early life,my sister and my husband after I’m married to him.My mother is an intelligent and very disciplined person.she used to set rules for us and always gave me freedom to do whatever I want but my education has to be in right direction. I learned a lot of things from my mother and still before taking any decision I feel her and think what she would do or she would tell me to do. My mom believes in my failure and taught me to correct myself after each failure. My sister was a big encouragement behind my every decision or success. Her encouragement always stays with me like a shadow. They made me who I’m today. After getting married to my husband he always helped me to gain knowledge about life and surrounding situations. He never left me alone and he is a confidence booster. He always keep saying me you can do anything if you try your best. There is a proverb saying education is the backbone of the nation and for me these people are the backbone of my education and my development.