Ideas about Writing

Before I learn about things like writer’s block, literacy sponsors, bad ideas about writing, I often couldn’t catch reader’s attention on writing. Also, I don’t know that what most important things I should focus on when I wrote something. However, After learning genres, I knew that I could use different strategies to express my idea, such as newspaper, and music. Hence, in this project, I used op-ed to persuade readers to trust my information about climate change. Furthermore, I used this way to propagandize how could human prevent global warming. During the process of op-ed, I got even more confused on typesetting, because I wanted to know that how to organize my information put into paper which could make readers look more clear rather than messy. I think learning about these things will help me in college because in the college, there would be lots of project which should present to classmates. After I learning these things, I could do different type of presentation as my project, that would be creative. Otherwise, I still would like to continue to work on my English which is grammar, because sometimes readers maybe understand what is idea which I want to express, while, I could use better words to instead that. And also, if I didn’t improve my English, my course’s grade wouldn’t be high. Certainly, in America, I had to learn more English for daily life.

Artist’s Statement

My audience would be college students, certainly, include everyone, because the climate change always is a serious problem which human facing. If we don’t take concern about it, our earth will be worth in future. For my re-mix, I chose college students because college student could do many things to prevent climate change, and college is a good place to doĀ propaganda campaign about improve our environment, such as newspaper, videos, and music. They can make a lot of creative stuff to attract others take care about this issue. I chose op-ed because this can easier shown what important information which students should concern about, and it also canĀ  post anywhere to make more students see it. I know this would work best for my audience because when I was in high school, I saw lots of op-ed which post in the wall, and then so many students get together to see what information that is. After that, I knew op-ed could take audience attention. My problem is where should my text box put(typesetting), that can be more clear for audience. I don’t think my op-ed would be good, if I can know more about typesetting and what information is most important which should put on theĀ most conspicuous place, then my op-ed would be better.

Writers Statement

The ideas of Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me, andĀ theyā€™re useful concepts, because after I learn about those, I could understand other people’sĀ Discourse Communities, and then I can betterĀ assimilate into their talking. Also, I know about there is much type of genres for our writing, and different types of genre have different advantage for writers. such asĀ informative genre is specific describe the information to readers. I have thought about them before when I took high school, at that time, my English teacher teach us about using persuasion to write yourĀ argument, it will make audience trust your opinion. Also, you want to make the piece emotional and leave the reader heartbroken or shocked in a way.


The genre that I feel like I know well is media, I learn this type of genre from the newspapers. Majority of people would like to read newspapers for daily life, because they state facts in there which persuade reader to trust them. Also, newspapers attract readers’ attention which there is no bias, and publish news what are people concernĀ  about.Ā Its common rhetorical features areĀ persuasive and state facts.

I like freedom when I write something, because freedom could make me not feel pressure, and then I could write anything which I want to express on paper. I think have a form to follow would be a good idea, because for students often forget or confused about how to write, then when there is a form allow them to follow, they wouldn’t lose the way.


When I came America, I was took high school. There was so manyĀ foreign students, which had different language with me. Thus, I tried to join their discussion communities forĀ communication. However, the difference of language made me difficult toĀ assimilate into them. Althought I knew it will spend much time to join the group of those students who spoke different language, I still believed that I could do it, because here is America rather than China, I had to try my best to assimilate into foreign students.