Ideas about Writing

Before I learn about things like writer’s block, literacy sponsors, bad ideas about writing, I often couldn’t catch reader’s attention on writing. Also, I don’t know that what most important things I should focus on when I wrote something. However, After learning genres, I knew that I could use different strategies to express my idea, such as newspaper, and music. Hence, in this project, I used op-ed to persuade readers to trust my information about climate change. Furthermore, I used this way to propagandize how could human prevent global warming. During the process of op-ed, I got even more confused on typesetting, because I wanted to know that how to organize my information put into paper which could make readers look more clear rather than messy. I think learning about these things will help me in college because in the college, there would be lots of project which should present to classmates. After I learning these things, I could do different type of presentation as my project, that would be creative. Otherwise, I still would like to continue to work on my English which is grammar, because sometimes readers maybe understand what is idea which I want to express, while, I could use better words to instead that. And also, if I didn’t improve my English, my course’s grade wouldn’t be high. Certainly, in America, I had to learn more English for daily life.

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