Unit 3 Discovery Project

Research as a Process of Discovery

Do you ever get curious about something and start Googling, or browsing through Instagram, or asking people? That’s research — starting with a question. And that’s what this project is all about: finding something you want to know more about, seeing what other people have to say (or sing or film or draw or dance or photograph or write…) about it, and then forming your own opinions about it.

This is NOT a book report!

We’ll figure out some topics, team up (it’s easier that way), look at various ways of doing research (not just in the library, but also by interviewing or doing surveys), and share information including an analysis of what you’re learning from your different sources/techniques.

Then you’ll write a final collaborative discussion about what you learned… including whatever opinion(s) you came up with. We’ll talk more about how to do that in class.

Along the way, you’ll be posting about what you’re doing, the choices you’re making, why you’re making them, and so on.

And, did I mention, this is NOT a book report! This is an exploration of curiosity. It’s work, just like Googling or Instgramming take time, but it’s also fun to find interesting sources; sometimes, it can change… a lot of things.

Here’s the Assignment and Schedule:

Inquiry Project Assignment