world cup idea

I chose the topic because of my passion for soccer. Every four years a world class competition is made and I have a nostalgic connection to it. The World Cup made my family come together to watch 32 national teams face off to lift the elusive world cup trophy. The competition has been a very big part of many people lives. The world cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. With my love for the game I decided to dig deeper and learn more about the inner-workings of the company FIFA. Surprisingly, in my research, I found out about the controversies surrounding FIFA. At first, I thought the company FIFA was a innocent non-profit that has a great love for the sport. However, there is bigger purpose to FIFA and scandals to it.

Which ideas do you like?

One topic that I’ve always likes to do more research on is sport injuries, specifically baseball. The reason why I would like to do research about this is because I know a lot when it comes to baseball injuries that are common (mostly elbow problems) I dealt with this injury quite a bit and this is something that i’m very interested in. I feel like there’s a lot of information that can be found on the internet regarding sport injuries.


One topic I was fond about and found the most interesting is immigration because there is many controversial topics and ways people can talk about this certain topic. Immigration is one of the most cases that is around the world and used on social media and talked about till this day and I found that is the most common to talk about.

Which ideas do you like?

My favorite idea is the game streaming. Streaming games online is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for years now. The promise of being able to play a game on hardware hosted in a data center but have the display, audio, and input handled by something in your home has never really been realized. People asking if game streaming is a good career? The reasons for a “yes” answer will be that it can be a ton of fun. After all, you get to play video games, interact with fans, and grow a community. You also can potentially make a lot of money, just for playing games and being entertaining!

Which ideas do you like?

The idea that I like most is social media like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat. Because these are the medium via which we are now connected to the world and it made our life very easy and comfortable that world become very small and close to us. Anything happening to any corner of the world either good or bad you will be able to know about it while you are sitting at home and also you can communicate with your friends and family who lives in abroad, it’s quite impossible to meet them every day or in a month. But we can communicate with them in a regular day basis via these social media. Even our daily life needs can also be fulfilled through this medium. Finally, Life wouldn’t be this easy without the help of these social media apps.

Your prompt – Which ideas do you like?

Now that we’ve got a list of possible topics and issues (the pictures of the Post-its that were on the board are in the next post in Unit 3), write a post where you tell us which one(s) you’re interested investigating and a bit about why.

You are NOT limited to the ideas we came up with in class! If you’ve thought of something that you like better, post about that one.

Then read everybody else’s posts and Reply to at least two of them with a question or comment, even if it’s “I love this! I want to work on it, too!” Although I don’t expect all the exclamation marks.

We’ll be putting together our research teams based on what you see here.

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