Portrait of a writer U1 DRAFT

Writing is one of the most complex skills in the world that has been around for just as long as language has existed, it is a way of communication without the use of sound or gestures. Writing has to be one of the most underrated skills due to it being used in many people’s everyday lives, the more you do something the less interesting it becomes to you, and writing is something everyone does. When it comes to the skill itself, there is many ways to come about coming up with a piece good piece of writing. For the most part writing has no specific rubric that could grade every piece of writing in the world. It is almost like a free world where you can do whatever you want ,and for the most part not get judged on it. I write every single day without even acknowledging it, whether it comes to writing notes in class, to writing a grocery list for my little brother at home. When it comes to how I view my skill level as a writer, there is a lot to think about. What I come up with in my mind versus what I actually write on paper is usually completely different from each other, and by the time i notice it, I would have actually  forgotten what I had planned on writing from the start. I view myself as a very lazy writer because It takes a lot from me to go back and actually revise a text that i wrote.

I tend to make a lot of simple grammar mistakes because mid writing a sentence I tend to forget what I wrote two words behind where I am at, and start writing a totally different type of sentence. It is easy for me to come up with pieces of writing that relate to my personal life because I really appreciate the life I have lived. Writing argumentative essays is something I tend to enjoy writing because I have the ability to understand two sides of an argument which helps me come up with strong arguments that could lead to strengthening my stance. One thing I really like about writing is that it is for all types of people, whether you are mute, deaf, or blind, writing is a skill that could be used to cover the oral part of communication.

Growing up, I was a very shy child, so reading and writing were my go-to’s when I needed to express myself. By the time I hit 10 years of age, I learned the importance of confidence. I feel like finding confidence is one of the reasons why my argumentative skills prospered so heavily since I can freely speak my mind without having to worry about how other people view me. Learning how to spell is one of the most important parts of writing in my opinion because when someone is reading a piece of writing their main focus is to catch a misspelling, which is very easy. The way I write is the outcome of the person I am. My strengths and weaknesses are there because there is no such thing as a ‘Perfect writer”.