Remix project.

Remix Project: Speech at a boxing gym

Young athletes, you are at the bloom of an illustrious career. Some of you might decide to go pro and the rest will stay at the amateurs and that is perfectly fine because at the end of the day this sport is very brutal. However, no one can ever be entitled to giving themselves and unfair advantage in a sport as brutal as boxing. So many cases of PED abuse and even plaster in boxing gloves have tainted the beautiful sport that is boxing and its because of how brutal this sport is that we can not tolerate it further for any reason. We can go back to the infamous bout between rising prospect Billy Collins Jr. and Luis Resto. The fight went the distance and in the end Luis had beaten Billy to a bloody pulp leaving him with very horrible damage. It was discovered that Luis and his staff ha removed the padding from his gloves, Billy was being hit with bear fists for 12 straight rounds. He suffered permanent partial blindness which ended his career. This sport should not be taken lightly and most certainly should not have people like this that just want to hurt anither man and possibly take his life. Follow your dreams the right way and cement your legacy between the greats and not between the cheaters of this sport because as soon as you are labeled a cheater, your career is over and there is no salvation from that. You guys are young and ripe and i know all of you have the potential to be great, just do it the right way and not on a path of deception, thank you and have a blessed day and workout.

Remix Project

Jawad Awada

Remix Project ( I chose to deliver a letter to parents that might think there is a link between violent video games and teen aggression) 

Dear Parents,

Well if you are reading this then that means you must have some questions or you might have some assumptions that violent video games cause your teenage children to turn violent. I can totally understand from the parents point of view that sometimes they might get worried about how your children are behaving so they start to make certain assumptions and use it as the reason behind there aggressive behavior. Violent video games is something that is relatively common amongst teens nowadays and it’s something that parents tend to dislike. The first thing thing that parents do when they start to notice there children start to behave in a different way is they looking for anything that makes sense to them as the cause for their behavioral change. Violent video games is the first thing they tend to blame when in reality video games have nothing to do with peoples (any age) behavior. There have been numerous studies that have been done and most studies have been done it different ways but all of them have the same thing in common, the result always comes back showing that there is no evidence that links violent video games to behavior. Studies have been done at places like The University Of Queensland (Australia), along with studies from Forbes and a lot of effort and time was put into these studies to desperately find a connection but they came up short when trying to find a link. No matter who was putting the research together to find a link, they all had the same result at the end. One thing that parents can control though is the type of games children play at a certain age. There are many violent games that have an age limit for a reason and parents should monitor the level of rating of certain games for their young children. There isn’t really much a parent can do when it comes to this situation other than to have knowledge of weather there kids are old enough to play certain games. If your wondering what could possibly be the cause for their aggression if its not video games it might be something they might be dealing with in their personal lives. There is a high percentage of teens that deal with depression and sometimes feel completely lost so those situations can play a big role in their behavior. Even though it might sound crazy video games have a lot of positive effects towards children as it improves coordination, improves problem-solving skills, improves brain speed and much more. As parents I can totally understand for being worried sometimes but all studies show there is no connection and sometimes the cause for behavioral change has a lot to do with how a teenager is feeling on the inside.        

Remix project

Online business can be a good platform and all kind of people can be benefitted from this But specifically young girl or boy who is trying to get some extra pocket money to maintain  their regular expenses  and also the women who stay at home parent and house wife. I did research about online business and gather ideas that can give them a new starting point which can lead to a career. To build a career in online business they need to know how to use internet and how to build an website to attracts buyers and also need to know how to use social media apps for example- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc because these apps helps to promote online business and helps to grow. They can also make some YouTube videos to promote their online business. Because advertisement is the expansion is the main motto of success Incase of online business. I want them to know this information by reading some magazines like People magazine,The New Yorker,Vogue, forbes and also they should watch some videos in YouTube. The reason behind choosing it ,these are easily available and accessible for the people and also it gives a better knowledge about it. I think the best way to catch their attention is social media apps, videos and images because people are more influenced by what they see and read.