Bad Ideas

Title: Response: Never use “I”
By: Kimberly N. Parker
Partner: Shoshanna and Alex

The main idea is that the new generation is writing but saying “I” to much. She wants to help writers understand who they are as a person. She also wants to help guide them as a creative source for liberation.
However, in the reading, it said ” Thus, we spend our semester together in an attempt to help writers rewrite their understanding of how to be present and alive in their writing. Literacy experts Jeff Anderson and Deborah Dean advise that writers need options for how to say what they want to say”. This quote is explaining that as writers sometimes it can be hard to know what to write because writers may not know how to explain themselves in their writing for another reader to try to get what they are saying.

A better idea would be to help teach writers how to use different words instead of I.

Bad Ideas

Leaving yourself out of your piece of writing is one of the bad ideas of writing. Every good piece of reading is good because it usually comes with a connection between the reader and the writer. It feels different when you know what you’re reading was created by the man in the writing. Leaving yourself out of your writing is bad because you it leaves out the passion for writing part.

Bad Ideas

The bad idea is when people think failure is not an option.

The author say it’s a bad idea because people who don’t accept failure will think the negative outcome of their life’s. Better idea is that we should start accepting failure because we can learn from it to proven on what we failed.


Bad Idea Post

The chapter that we chose was “You can learn to write in general” By Elizabeth Wardle

This chapter problem was about that many people believe there is one way to express you’re ideas but in reality the a lot of many forms of writing and trying to express what you want to say.

According to the author, the idea that we can all learn to “write in general” is not just a harmless myth. It’s a dangerous idea that needs to die because it hurts students and frustrates teachers and employers. And writers who believe it are easily discouraged because they don’t know how to learn what they need to learn in new writing situations.

A better conception of writing is one in which we all remember our own experiences learning to write in different situations, and then apply that memory to our expectations of what we and others can achieve. A better notion of how writing works is one that recognizes that after learning scribal skills everything a writer does is impacted by the situation in which she is writing.

Karla M. & Oscar C.

Bad Ideas

The chapter I chose was “Good Writers Always Follow My Rules”

The author in this chapter is describing how many writers tend to get frustrated with rules that they follow that aren’t necessarily rules.The bad idea that is mentioned in this chapter is that while you’re writing you’re draft, never edit it while writing just keep going and wait until you’ve completed the draft.

The author says it’s a bad idea to edit before the draft is done because you need to have a plan, get all the research you need, write it from beginning to end, then once its finished revise it and move on.

The better idea is to just write and not to think about any mistakes that you might have made, you need to keep in mind that it’s just a draft and you should just focuse on the writing and not the mistakes.

Bad ideas

Bad ideas are having whole bunch of ideas but only using the good ones and leaving some unnecessary one behind and those left behind ideas are bad ideas.

In the article author wanted to explain that it’s not necessary to write something in a complicated way that reader can’t understand. In spite of that write something that reader can understand properly and connect with the writer.

The better idea of writing is to write in a simple language that all reader can understand and can find interest to read more. Holding readers attention in an article is the main motto of writers.

Bad Idea

The bad idea is Leave yourself out of your writing

The author say it is bad idea because the reader is connect to the writer, when you take self out of your writing, you would’t better show your purpose and difficult to catch reader’s attention. Also, the audiences can’t better to learn something, they might think it is boring.

A better idea is before you write something, you need consider few points. For example, how would you catch the attention of readers, make them feel interest. Also, using own life experience to strengthen your main idea, it can make audiences more clear about your writing. Moreover,  encourage readers to rethink or reimagine what they may already know through reflection and action.