Dear Professor Blain,

This is my first spring semester in City Tech I am a freshman and going into this class I knew my writing wasn’t very strong and had doubts on what  people would think of my writing style and how it was going to affect me. Coming into this course I was scared till mid semester I wasn’t confident and I thought that there would be that one kid that would always have an answer and was a good writer . I was able to meet wonderful people such as Oscar and Alex who didn’t judge me but often helped me with what I struggled. Even when we dealt with classes being cancelled you professor were always on task and knew how to make class interesting. Writing wasn’t always my confront zone and didn’t choose to do it because of my own personal doubts. Coming into this class you have taught me to take a risk and expand into my research paper and what to do with writers block , I always thought that my professor or someone would judge my work but this class has taught me no-one should and you should be able to express how you are feeling towards someone or something. Although writing is all about improving I feel that this class had helped me expand more from what I generally expected to take from this class and I thank you professor for not only having patience but being able to correct me when I had to make changes its not always easy being able to write and for me writing was always tough because I would often switch my wording or what im about to write last minute just because im very insecure and always think that my idea later on is better then what I first started off with which then leads me to having writers block and staring a blank screen till I have something to start off with. I would still like to work on my grammar and the way I word some phrases because some words would not go in the proper structure or sentence. This class has taught me allot and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to step out of there writing confront zone and don’t know what to do when to come to writing its okay to struggle , I struggled my whole life and when I came into this class I’ve had improvements and I was able to structure myself better and know who I am as a writer. I wasn’t always a fan of writing but I always thought that writing was an escape of way to jot down things others couldn’t judge you because you expressed everything to a blank piece of paper. I love this course and honestly I would take it again



Individual Inquiry project revised

English Final Revision

While writing my individual report for the first time I had written allot of what others wanted to hear and what they wanted to know about the situation of gender gap. When I had the opportunity to write it the second time and revise  my work I added my opinion and what I wanted to speak out and what I though about the situation therefore I fixed my analysis. My analysis was what others wanted to hear and it was constantly repetitive and same as the introduction , I’ve changed it by adding my side and what I though should be changed such as how we should value women for doing the same job as men  and how women should be valued no matter then gender or race . My analysis was revised to elaborate on my thinking of the problem and not only write what I believe others would want to hear I Took a risk and spoke out more of how I felt and though was right.

Artist Statement

My audience is for those who are athletes and women that are being payed unfairly either with a regular job they are inquiring or a sport they are playing professionally or even in school and getting payed or treated much less than men. I created a brochure to not only give a brief description of what’s happening but also a way to help and educate the younger student either in high school or middle school that are playing a sport  or in a club and feels that what there putting into isn’t enough compared to the amount of power men is getting for example either the guy is getting payed more by a dollar and women getting payed much less for doing the same amount or even getting farther in the program . This  pamphlet is helping others find a way to fight pay equity amount genders and hope for a better change in society. My issue was trying to pick what to add on each page of the brochure it was hard trying to put every important detail into each page because everything is important and must be addressed in order to find a solution. I would’ve wanted to get straight directed messages from Alex Morgan who also addressed the issue that no-one was taking action even though it was such a controversy for many years now. Hope you get to read the  informative brochure and see that  there is allot of changes to be done and there are many ways to start to see a difference in the long run!


One topic I was fond about and found the most interesting is immigration because there is many controversial topics and ways people can talk about this certain topic. Immigration is one of the most cases that is around the world and used on social media and talked about till this day and I found that is the most common to talk about.

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are all part of our daily life we are involved in it without even noticing ourself. Discourse communities are trying to belong somewhere but you truly don’t feel like you belong in that place. Many people may feel discomfort and feel like they don’t belong in a place in our society. This is a useful concept for not only people like these That are being left out but for others who may not have the opportunity to know what a discourse community is. I always felt left out especially when I was younger and adapting to new schools and meeting new people its always hard to find friends and not always easy especially if you want to fit in a specific type of group. Genre can be titled as many things  and be known for many things. Genre is reflective on many people and everyones taste is quite different or the same depending on you’re choosing. I personally enjoy a genre that has suspense and a thrilling sense of writing where you can’t wait to know what happens next or what book comes next to know what happens with the characters or the plot has changed. Rhetoric in my opinion is not a useful concept because not everyone uses it and I believe some people are more intrigued into the concept more than others. I don’t personally use it but I believe Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are used daily in ones writing of personal life and we don’t show it. Everyone approaches it differently.


  1. The most I like the most and feel the most comfortable with is mystery,. I feel there is a sense of mysterious tone and it engages the reader to want to read more and engage with the characters deeper. Books and movies are two different scenarios you can feel the emotions through a movie but not as much in a book. Movies and books are written differently and thats what I like the most that there is always something more to the ending or things could of turned out differently .
  2. I preferably wouldn’t want to free write because it just gives me liberty and no standard of writing and without any correction on the structure I prefer to have standard and cohesive structure so my writing can be fluently.


The first time I joined a discourse community was in my new job worksite. At first I felt like I wasn’t welcomed and very uncomfortable. I had to accustom to a very new environment with new people and I didn’t know how to start. I didn’t really engage with my coworkers quickly until some guy came up to me and started a conversation then I slowly tried to get used to my work place and not feel totally weirded out by where I work.

Gum Post 2

Yes i do believe that sometimes we stereotype people based on there writing because of there style of writing. Everyone’s Writing is different and it may or may not be equivalent to yours. This makes me feel uncomfortable because you may think you’re writing is accurate and up to the standard ability but someone else may believe the contrary.  Power works here because you have  the ability to state what you think even with someone else not agreeing. You have the power to express that through out you’re writing.