Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric

Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are all part of our daily life we are involved in it without even noticing ourself. Discourse communities are trying to belong somewhere but you truly don’t feel like you belong in that place. Many people may feel discomfort and feel like they don’t belong in a place in our society. This is a useful concept for not only people like these That are being left out but for others who may not have the opportunity to know what a discourse community is. I always felt left out especially when I was younger and adapting to new schools and meeting new people its always hard to find friends and not always easy especially if you want to fit in a specific type of group. Genre can be titled as many things  and be known for many things. Genre is reflective on many people and everyones taste is quite different or the same depending on you’re choosing. I personally enjoy a genre that has suspense and a thrilling sense of writing where you can’t wait to know what happens next or what book comes next to know what happens with the characters or the plot has changed. Rhetoric in my opinion is not a useful concept because not everyone uses it and I believe some people are more intrigued into the concept more than others. I don’t personally use it but I believe Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric are used daily in ones writing of personal life and we don’t show it. Everyone approaches it differently.

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