Writers Statement

The ideas of Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me. They’re useful concepts, you see these concepts everyday. Discourse communities are useful to understand how a group of different people come together for similar things/interests and how you can be in many different discourse communities at the same time. There are many different types of genres and different things that go with it. And Rhetoric is used early in life, depends on the situation and the different ways to appeal to your audience. I’ve never really thought about Discourse communities or  how it was useful before. I think about Genres and Rhetoric all the time, when I’m picking a movie, when I’m in class, just all the time.

Discourse Communities

A time when I was able to join a new discourse community was in 2010 when I moved here to NYC.  It was during the middle of 4th grade and I wasn’t sure if the students in my new school were going to speak Spanish and if I would get along with them. However, the class I was in was bilingual and most of the students spoke Spanish and I became really close with a group of my new classmates. There were a lot of things we could relate to like the fact that we were Dominican and our parents acted the same made us close friends.

My literacy sponsors

Dear Ariely,


My literacy sponsors are my mother and my 11th grade English teacher. My mother is one of my literacy sponsor because as soon as I moved here she pushed me to read and write to improve my skills and learn English, that helped me not stay behind in classes and learn the language really fast. My 11th grade English teacher really helped me develop to my writing skills and expand my vocabulary, Mrs. Brannon really helped me make my writing better. When writing she helped me make all of my ideas into a concrete one, she pushed me to always try my best and to learn from my mistakes.

TSG and Grammar

The difference between TSG and grammar in context is that grammar is “a description of language structure” a way of understanding language and how it’s used. Grammar is for more understanding and correction. TSG “traditional school grammar” is assumptions about how grammar is best learned, errors are a way of learning and teachers providing constructive assistance is more helpful than error correction worksheets. I have thought of grammar as something that changes because as time passes and people’s writing skills change or improve so does their grammar, everybody’s grammar changes over their lifespan. All the rules are forms of correctness, to make sure the writing follows a specific structure.

My goals

My goals for college are to graduate with a good GPA. I hope that through the courses I take I could find and better myself. My goals for after college are to have a good paying job because the lifestyle I want is expensive, and to travel around the world and learn from those experiences. Writing fits into both of these because it tracks your learning process, for example referencing from something you’ve learned in your writing during college and using it after college.

This picture represents me because I am a blossoming flower that is growing to be her better self.