Revised essay

I revised this project by going back and trying to remove all the grammar and repetitive details that I was including.


Jawad Awada

Video Game Introduction

Some of the most common activities that people think cause violence amongst children is the music that kids listen to and the video games they play. The most interesting topic is video games, people tend to think that violent video games (games that contain a lot of killing, shootings and violent scenes) is a very big cause for why children become so violent. In my opinion I believe that saying video games makes kids violent is an excuse, and that the kid has been dealing with something far worse in his life and it has nothing to do with violent games. I believe kids go through worse experiences and are sometimes put in difficult situations that may affect them greatly and may turn them violent. Some of the most common causes are depression and family problems. A lot of teenagers deal with personal problems and many people might not notice that a teen might be depressed and going through a rough time so they automatically consider that his actions (mainly school shootings) are because of violent games without looking at the bigger picture. A lot of research has been done and the outcome always comes back showing that there is no link between teen aggression and violent video games.


A lot of research has been done to try to connect these two together but it’s really hard to to find a theory with evidence when it comes to behavior. According to Jessica Conditt, “There is no scientific, consensus-backed research supporting the idea that playing video games — even bloody, realistic shooters — leads to real-life acts of brutality.” I found that this article is very useful but specifically this quote got my attention because it can play a big role in trying to help people realize and understand that video games don’t cause violence. I picked this certain quote mainly because it says that no matter how bloody and violent the game might be it has never been scientifically proven that it can have an effect on real life violence. Another article that also helps show that there is no connection is an article from Forbes.According to this article from Forbes “In yet another study on the subject, it shows that there is no link between playing violent video games and aggression in adolescents.” This was published on February 15, 2019 so it’s relatively new. Many people disagree and have their own opinions regarding this topic and are always looking for some sort of proof that can help their claim, while this article is a little over 3 months old it still shows that there has not been any progress for trying to find a link between violent video games and aggression in teenagers. It’s hard to find a link between something that doesn’t exist (violent video games and aggression in teenagers) just because people assume that violent games can cause teens to turn violent because in there mind it makes sense even though there totally wrong. A lot of these sources have relatively similar conclusions stating that no evidence has been found to be able to connect them. According to The University Of Queensland (Australia) “Several new studies reinforce that video game violence does not cause real-world violence, adding to the already robust body of research that shows that there is simply no link between violence and game play.” This verifies that, for example school shootings which is a real-world violent action, can not be linked to these violent video games after all the research that has been done. Overall it’s looking more and more likely that there could possibly never be a connection between the two because of how difficult it is to try to prove something that can’t be proved. This is a behavior concept and extremely hard to be able to find a link. Even though there is no actual theories that have concrete evidence that can help support the fact that violent video games cause teen aggression, people are still going to say and assume that there’s a connection.        







Teen Aggression


  Teen aggression is a big problem that society is facing in today’s world. These aggression are leading to many violent acts by the teens and many people look at video games as the reason for their actions. However since there is no evidence of that being the problem many people are wondering why do teens become so angry and aggressive. According to the author of this article Cheryl Schafer “Physical and emotional changes occur at a rapid pace, and the need for acceptance gains importance in a teenager’s life.” “Learning to adapt to these changes can create anger and sometimes even aggression in some teenagers.” In other words, a teenager might be going through personal issues which leads to him becoming more aggressive and starts to have certain signs in his behavior that would end up leading towards violent acts.   



Positives About Video Games

  Even though many people tend to focus on the negative aspects when it comes to video games there are a lot of positive effects that comes with it. Playing video games can be a sense of escape for certain people by that I mean they can be able to get their mind off of certain situations and just be able to relax and enjoy something that they like to do. It also helps people capture and improve coordination. According to Sheila Eugenio “When an adult or child is playing a video game, he or she is not only staring at the computer inactively. The activities and actions on the screen provide a lot of mental stimulation. For one to play, he or she will need to coordinate their visual, audial and physical movement.” This quote helps show that coordination does improve with the use of video games. There are many more positive effects such as enhancing memory, improving concentration, improves the brain speed, and it helps enhance multitasking skills. Sheila Eugenio makes a good statement when it comes to improving brain speed “While gaming, the brain receives multiple simulations, both Visual and audial. According to research, individuals who play video games frequently can process these stimulators faster than others. These stimulators ensure that the brain is continuously working to interpret them.” From this one can infer that the positive effects can make a very big difference in trying to develop certain traits in certain people.





  We tend to lean heavily on proven scientific theories, which in this case proves that all claims made that say that video games cause violence are completely false claims. All research that has been done shows no connection at all between teen aggression and violent video games. Even though this is a topic that won’t go away it’s something that seems near impossible to prove. This is a very engaging topic, It’s hard to prove a point with no evidence so because of that I hope this can help people realize that there is no connection between the two and anyone who keeps looking for a link between these two should stop because all there doing is chasing a ghost. There are many positives effects that come with playing video games and those effects out way the negative ones.



Remix Project

Jawad Awada

Remix Project ( I chose to deliver a letter to parents that might think there is a link between violent video games and teen aggression) 

Dear Parents,

Well if you are reading this then that means you must have some questions or you might have some assumptions that violent video games cause your teenage children to turn violent. I can totally understand from the parents point of view that sometimes they might get worried about how your children are behaving so they start to make certain assumptions and use it as the reason behind there aggressive behavior. Violent video games is something that is relatively common amongst teens nowadays and it’s something that parents tend to dislike. The first thing thing that parents do when they start to notice there children start to behave in a different way is they looking for anything that makes sense to them as the cause for their behavioral change. Violent video games is the first thing they tend to blame when in reality video games have nothing to do with peoples (any age) behavior. There have been numerous studies that have been done and most studies have been done it different ways but all of them have the same thing in common, the result always comes back showing that there is no evidence that links violent video games to behavior. Studies have been done at places like The University Of Queensland (Australia), along with studies from Forbes and a lot of effort and time was put into these studies to desperately find a connection but they came up short when trying to find a link. No matter who was putting the research together to find a link, they all had the same result at the end. One thing that parents can control though is the type of games children play at a certain age. There are many violent games that have an age limit for a reason and parents should monitor the level of rating of certain games for their young children. There isn’t really much a parent can do when it comes to this situation other than to have knowledge of weather there kids are old enough to play certain games. If your wondering what could possibly be the cause for their aggression if its not video games it might be something they might be dealing with in their personal lives. There is a high percentage of teens that deal with depression and sometimes feel completely lost so those situations can play a big role in their behavior. Even though it might sound crazy video games have a lot of positive effects towards children as it improves coordination, improves problem-solving skills, improves brain speed and much more. As parents I can totally understand for being worried sometimes but all studies show there is no connection and sometimes the cause for behavioral change has a lot to do with how a teenager is feeling on the inside.        


Jawad Awada


Dear Professor,


Well the semester is over now and it’s been quite the experience. I’m going to get to the writing part of the course in a bit but I just wanted to say this was one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever had, having all those days that resulted in no classes (snow day, evacuation and being locked out of class) and you were able to do a great job at being able to present the material in such a smooth way having all the events that occurred. I was the type of kid that enjoyed writing and this class was really enjoyable when it came to that concept. Before taking this class I had no idea what literacy sponsors were along with many other types of writings that were taught in this class. Usually when i’m given a new material that I don’t know anything about it takes a bit for me to understand it but that was not the case at all in this class, I was able to catch on real quick which made it a very enjoyable class for me. The relationship I have with writing is very important because it’s not just important in an English class, it’s inserted in every class and plays a big role in chasing what we came here to achieve (graduating). I did a lot of writing back in high school and it was something that I did not like in the beginning, but after doing it so many times I slowly started to like it a lot. I entered this class not knowing all the different types of writings and after exploring all the ideas that were given to me I was able to open my mind more and have a sense of more freedom in what and how I write. The only concern I might have when it comes to writing is that I tend to get repetitive and sometimes I add too much details which would make the reader lost but it’s something that I’ve been working towards improving on. Overall I feel like I learned a lot in this class and that all my questions that I had about writing were answered (i’m being totally honest when I say that I learned a lot taking this class). I’m glad I chose this class and I look forward towards my next English class.


Sincerely, Jawad                  

Artist’s Statement

Jawad Awada

Artist’s Statement


My audience is for the parents that are worried about the aggressive behavior that their children have developed and are blaming it on violent video games. The reason for why I picked this genre is because it is a very talked about situation that has a lot of people developing their own theories without any real evidence to support their claim. Parents can get really overprotective sometimes and will make certain assumptions without having any concrete evidence. I mainly targeted parents as my audience because I want them to be able to be more informed when it comes to this topic. Parents are very interested in research and finding results that are accurate and with the research I did I believe I would be able to persuade the parents that are convinced that there is a connection. Multiple studies have been made over the years and they all come back having the exact same conclusion, this shows the accuracy of the research that has been done. I feel like with everything that I gathered it turned out really well and I hope with the information that I found I would be able to help parents understand that there is no connection between violent video games and teen aggression.        

Which ideas do you like?

One topic that I’ve always likes to do more research on is sport injuries, specifically baseball. The reason why I would like to do research about this is because I know a lot when it comes to baseball injuries that are common (mostly elbow problems) I dealt with this injury quite a bit and this is something that i’m very interested in. I feel like there’s a lot of information that can be found on the internet regarding sport injuries.

Writers Statment

Discourse communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me. The reason why they make sense to me is because we deal with these more often than we think or sometimes we don’t even realize were dealing with them. For example back in high school it was common for us too pick genres (mostly persuasive) that we found interesting and we would research and write about. When it comes to Discourse Communities we tend to find ourselves in them sometimes without even realizing it at the moment. I believe there useful concepts because, Discourse communities can help you grow and become smarter as a person and can help you become more confident as a person. While Genres can help you become more smarter when it comes to researching about certain topics and gathering more information. I never really thought about these before, other then genres because we used them a lot back in high school when it came to writing essays. As for Discourse Communities I remember being part of them but looking back at it now I realize it was a discourse community I just didn’t know I was in one at the moment. When it comes to rhetoric I never really thought about them before.             


#1- Some Genres that I feel like I know well are persuasive genres along with research papers. I learned how to do research papers throughout high school and the more I did them the more I enjoyed them. It was also the same situation when it came to writing persuasive essays, I wrote so many of them that I just enjoyed them as time moved on. Some common rhetorical features between these two is that being persuasive is a very important thing that has to be done well because you want the writer to believe you’re argument. The goal is for the reader to agree with your argument or research, so I believe being persuasive is the most important rhetorical feature when it comes to research and persuasive genres.


#3- I like having as much freedom as possible in my writing. The reason why I like that freedom is because it allows me to open up about certain things and it also allows me to feel relaxed and free when writing. I feel like it is a good idea to have a form to follow because it can be very helpful if you end up getting lost. I don’t feel like it limits you because it should just be there for guidance in case you happen to get lost in you writing.   

Discourse Community

The time I tried to join a discourse community was back when I was in High school. At  the time I was a huge baseball fan and I would always play it. So there was one day where i decided to join the baseball team in my school. I was the youngest one there, they were all either seniors or juniors and at the time I was a sophomore. So finding a way to fit in seemed like a challenge and a difficult task to do. So when i first joined I heard a group of the older kids talking about baseball and I knew a lot of it so i decided to just randomly join that conversation. After joining that conversation everyone was giving their opinions and it was a very cool situation to be in. Once that conversation was over and a few days later passed and a few more conversations regarding baseball news were discussed and I would just join those conversations out of nowhere. As time passed I saw myself fitting into this discourse community and it helped me feel much more comfortable to be on that team.


Part 1:

Whenever I’m doing a research paper or if I’m just curious about something the first thing I use is google. For this assignment the topic I chose was the education should be free for everyone.

There are many different websites that had information about this topic. There was so many different options, and a lot of arguments regarding this situation. I prefer using google, it’s always my first option no matter what because there are so many links to choose from and there’s a large amount of options to pick from unlike Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a limited resource, while google has a wide variety of information. While using google I found alot of information about why college should be free for everyone. There was alot of information showing that the loans that students had to payback was having them in major dept. There was also a chart that I found that showed if college was 100% free no matter what, the amount of student would sky rocket and that more students would be interested in going to college.

– I always start with google because it’s something I’m used to and very familiar with, and there’s  a larger amount of information on google then Wikipedia.

– I followed many links, anything that i found interesting i read about and used. If the link looked boring and dull i just wouldn’t bother with it and i would just move on to the next link.

– I would mostly stay on a page for about 5-7 minutes depending on how interesting the link is. I try to be quick because i dont want to get stuck on one link, I wanna be able to see what other links may have just so I don’t miss any useful information.

– I decide weather the information is useful or not if it supports my argumentor or if it doesn’t. If it makes alot of sense of what my topic is about then I’ll use it if not I’ll just move on to the next.

Part 2:

1- How do you start research?

The way I start my research is by using google to be able to find information that I can use and learn more about.

2- Has anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to use google/Wikipedia?

Yes, during high school there were specific assignments that we were only supposed to use readings that were given to us.

3- Are you more like Susan or Edward?

I’m more like susan because I prefer using google and the information that i find there.