I start my research by often searching for the topic on google but not Wikipedia. Google is a search engine that can have many different ways to find what you looking for, in a case where I’m doing a research, I look for articles or any form of facts on the topic I’m searching on. In addition after reading the information I put it into my own words that way I can understand the topic better.

In High school, most of my teachers were so against students using Wikipedia as a valuable source and that any one can change the information it’s giving, so anytime we were doing a research or any project that involved researching information, we had to find other reliable sources on google.

Just like Susan choose google as her search engine to find various information on the topic and it  be hard to pick one source of evidence because there are some other articles/sources on google that may have more information for the research. Therefore, I’m more like Susan because she tend to go with the source that she can make the stronger argument for.

Grammar to Get Things Done

The difference between Traditional School Grammar ” TSG” and Grammar in context is that TSG was being used to best educate students to learn grammar in an understandable pace by making errors and learning from them. However, grammar in context is description of language structure, it is different than TSG because of it has a history of using grammar as a way to understand speech. I have thought of grammar as something that changes because as you grow older your grammar starts to change and you start to learn more and more about the grammar we use in our daily life. I think the rules of now are understandable, it helps your writing to be better and makes you learn how to apply those rules in your writing.

Mike Rose’s Piece

The rules that I was always told to follow are to start with an introduction/have a hook to attract the readers attention, follow up with body paragraphs, write in my own words for the audience to understand what I’m trying to say, cite the source of evidence and have a conclusion. Things that makes it hard for me to write it’s mostly about what topic am I writing about, how to keep adding ideas and trying not to repeat the some thing from before.

After reading Mike Rosé’s piece, he explains how rules can at times unable people to write.He talks about how a lot of writers spend most of their time trying to have the introduction to make their essay more interesting.

Laura is mostly close to me when it comes to writing because I tend to make some mistakes like she does. When I write I be getting out of topic at times and not get straight to the point, I want to make sure the reader knows what I’m trying to say.

My Goals

My goals for college are to understand myself in what I’m really capable of, to explore education in many different ways and to get a B+ or above in the courses I take during every semester. After college my goals are to become a business owner, somewhere along with the fashion industry. In addition, I want to be able to better myself as an adult and handle things in a professional manner . I see writting into both because as people we can write out thoughts and knowledge to use them in our life, it will help to find and understand myself more than I already know. It also challenge me to push and try something new to learn.


I chose this image because a Lion symbolizes alot of traits, which some of those traits represents me in a way. This image is a picture of a lion which represents, strength, fearless and courage.