Unit 5 Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio

Now it’s time to pull together all that learning you’ve been doing about yourself and writing. There are two equally-important parts to this Portfolio (as well as most of your final grade!).

Revisions: Do final revisions on all your work, and attach a cover paragraph or page that explains what changes you made, why you made them, whether you started over completely and why, and if you didn’t revise, why not. The three things you’ll need to include are:

  • Portrait of a Writer (Unit 1)
  • Individual Exploratory Discussion (Unit 3)
  • Artist’s Statement (Unit 4)

Theory of Writing: I’ll give you a more detailed assignment sheet as we get closer, but this is meant to give you a chance to talk about everything that’s happened to you as a writer this term. It can be good, or bad. Maybe nothing has changed. Maybe you’re really confused or annoyed. Or even happy. Talk about what all of this might mean for you moving forward into other classes and jobs, and how you might approach writing tasks there.  Be honest, say ugly things if you want. But do NOT just flatter me, don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, don’t BS me. This is about you. So…

Everything is due by 5/25 at 11:59 pm.