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In order to have an at the very least decent essay I would usually focus on things that writers focus on last. I tend to focus on structure, font, line space, and even size. I feel like if my essay is not structured correctly it could easily throw me off with what I am writing about. One of the biggest obstacles that I usually face when it comes to writing an essay has to be my intro paragraph. I do not believe in coming back to my intro whatsoever. This is a bad habit in writing that I am aware of and will be focused on getting rid of. In mike Rose’s writing he wrote strageties down on how to improve your opening statement, which I completely agree with due to it being completely concrete.

Mike Rose’s Piece

The Rules of Writing is Creating an Essay or any type of writing where the reader is as hooked as you are. Such as Expecting an intense introduction or body. Everyones Writing is different. In my concept when I am writing I side track myself meaning sometimes I write more than I should have about the subject instead of leading it straight to the point.

Writing isn’t always easy especially if you don’t know what to write. I tend to have writers block, I get blocked out from ideas and tend to stare around and look around the room or anywhere I am.  Not everything comes to me at once I can take seconds or minutes for my thoughts to be written down on paper and for it to be expressed even further.

Mike Ross Mentions strategies  for the writer to have a better engaging sentence some things I also struggle along the way In my writing.  Having too Long of a intro can lead to readers being bored and too short can lead for the reader not understanding much what they are about to read. Capturing an engaging opening sentence is always important. Sometimes we caught up with other things in paragraphs instead of leading straight to the point which can confuse many readers along the way.

Mike Rose’s Piece

The rules that I was always told to follow are to start with an introduction/have a hook to attract the readers attention, follow up with body paragraphs, write in my own words for the audience to understand what I’m trying to say, cite the source of evidence and have a conclusion. Things that makes it hard for me to write it’s mostly about what topic am I writing about, how to keep adding ideas and trying not to repeat the some thing from before.

After reading Mike RosĂ©’s piece, he explains how rules can at times unable people to write.He talks about how a lot of writers spend most of their time trying to have the introduction to make their essay more interesting.

Laura is mostly close to me when it comes to writing because I tend to make some mistakes like she does. When I write I be getting out of topic at times and not get straight to the point, I want to make sure the reader knows what I’m trying to say.

Mike Rose

The rules in which I have to follow in order to at least deem my essay decent has to be with having a good structure, good opening that will lure the readers in so that they will want to read more and invest in my writing.

The hardest part in writing to me personally has to be with starting the actual piece as I have so many ideas which I can branch off to but it takes me quite awhile to actually decide which would be the best direction to go. I want to be informative, set down a serious tone but at the same time keep it chill just in case it might bring the readers into a meltdown.

I’ll have to agree with Mike Rose’s opinion on rigid rules. He states rules can inflict potentially writers block as you’ll be stuck on what or how you’re going to do things from throughout your essay. That’s why instead of trying to plan things ahead I’ll just jot down everything I have thought of into the essay and later revise it.

Mike Rose

The rules that I hear in my head while writing is to always keep your writing in chronological order so that it makes sense and to make sure it’s not all over the place. Also, to make sure that you have 5 paragraphs which is an introduction that will capture your audience attention and having 3 detailed body paragraph where you provide evidence from the reading and lastly your conclusion where you end off nicely.

The things that make it hard for me to write is knowing how to start and what to write because I want it to sound perfect to grab the readers attention. Sometimes knowing how to use the correct grammar can make it hard for me to write because I might not know where to place the correct punctuation.

Mike Rose explains in his article that rules can sometimes hurt our writing because it makes you not to know what to write or how to start at times. For example, Ruth have a problem starting the hook that’s because in school she was told that a good hook grabs the readers attention.

Mike Rose’s piece

The rules about is that you should understand the topic you will be writing about. Grammar and punctuation is very important. In general for me the hard part about writing is that sometimes it is hard to combine two sentences together, and introduction is the hardest thing to write.

I hate when instructors assigns an essay because its hard for me to come up with my claims that supports the author’s claim. Rose wants people to know that hook in the intro paragraph is important, so that it can catch readers attention. He also points out that students can have many ideas but they don’t know where to start with. I can relate to Ruth, because writing a hook in my introduction is hard.

Rules that make writing hard (Classwork)

When writing an essay I tend to think about things like grammar, punctuation and if the essay is interesting. I can never start the rest of the essay without finishing the introduction and when writing the introduction I think about if my hook is good enough or if my thesis is okay. I am a perfectionist so if I’m not satisfied with my intro I will start over. When I’m finally satisfied with my introduction I will begin my body paragraph by bringing up one of the points I’m trying to make. I will explain how the point is relevant to the topic and why it supports what I am trying to say. I will continue with another paragraph bringing up another point. Depending on the type of essay it is I will add another point or I will add a counter claim. I tend to rewrite ever paragraph 1-3 times depending on how satisfied I am with my writing.

Mike Ross Post

Before you read: Whenever I begin to write I always make sure that my puncuation is correct and my vocabulary is good enough in order to recieve a decent grade in my assignment.

Even though I try to make sure that I use the best words that I can use sometimes I might not be able to come up with a better word then I know of, which shows that my vocabulary is not the greatest that I want it to be.


Ross keeps people from using “attention grabbers” because a lot of writers tend to spend a lot of time on their introductions and or their first paragraph in order to make their writing more interesting to the reader.


I believe that i’m closely related to Laurel in terms of writing because I tend to create mistakes in my paragraphs like she does. She tends to get out of topic in her paragraph, which I tend to do quite a lot aswell because I want to show my knowledge in a specific topic as much as I can to the reader.




Mike Rose Post

The rules that I will put is that the first paragraph I should know the reader what’s the topic is going to be about. The first paragraph must engage the reader’s attention. Should have one main topic which is (the “thesis”) that is clear in the introduction and conclusion. Always, start with something short and easy to engage with. Prove to your reader that you’re providing value, make it easy for your reader to be drawn in. Every time I’m writing something I get confused organizing my ideas, like there’s too many ways of organizing that I waste time thinking of how to put it, or how it sounds better.

Ross mention to focus on the introduction to get reader’s attention and then organize your writing strategically. A good introduction would take any reader’s attention but when the intro starts getting longer and longer could make the reader get bored. Also, Rose points out how students can be so caught up in what they’re supposed to write, but never actually get to writing because they have no idea where to start because of all the rules given from different teachers.

I look more like Laurel, she’s not the only one who make a mistake including a paragraph on an issue that was never mentioned in the topic paragraph. Sometimes I get out of the topic because I get excited and I really want to say it and I want to people know my experience or my knowledge about X situation.

Mike Ross’s piece

The rules about writing is write something in a way that can reach it’s goal. I think every writing has some meaning and it should be fulfilled. For example if someone writes a letter they want to express their feelings or emotions in it, some people write in journal and it also has some other motto. If reader can’t understand what you are writing so it already lost it’s meaning. There is some common rules of writing and it’s usually consists of one introduction, three body paragraph and one conclusion. And sometimes these general rules of writing makes it more difficult for writer to perform it well and can be a barrier for being creative .

The rules that Ross mention to focus on the introduction to get reader’s attention and then organize your writing strategically. A good introduction surely attracts an reader attention but sometimes introduction become too long  that it makes reader bored. If i can go beyond some general rules then I think it would be easy for me to express my own ideas and thoughts on paper.