Writer’s Statement

The ideas of Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me, these are very useful concepts that help me understand other ideas of similarities. Since we learned more about these concepts in class it helps me understand a lot more whenever I see theses communities again in the future such as specific languages that specific groups use. I have never thought about them at all up until I learned them during class.


I start my research by using Google instead of Wikipedia because I believe Google can give you more specific information that you want from a  topic. There are multiple links that you can chose from on Google that can result into multiple different opinions from people that can help you create your own opinion. On Wikipedia on the other hand, uses only one page for one topic and it doesn’t get very detailed on the situation which isn’t very good.

Mike Ross Post

Before you read: Whenever I begin to write I always make sure that my puncuation is correct and my vocabulary is good enough in order to recieve a decent grade in my assignment.

Even though I try to make sure that I use the best words that I can use sometimes I might not be able to come up with a better word then I know of, which shows that my vocabulary is not the greatest that I want it to be.


Ross keeps people from using “attention grabbers” because a lot of writers tend to spend a lot of time on their introductions and or their first paragraph in order to make their writing more interesting to the reader.


I believe that i’m closely related to Laurel in terms of writing because I tend to create mistakes in my paragraphs like she does. She tends to get out of topic in her paragraph, which I tend to do quite a lot aswell because I want to show my knowledge in a specific topic as much as I can to the reader.




My Goals

My goals in college are to pass every course that I take and to get at least a B+ and above in them, this goal will help me achieve my goals after college.


My goals after college is to get a good job.

This picture represents me the most because I enjoy building computers.