Mike Ross Post

Before you read: Whenever I begin to write I always make sure that my puncuation is correct and my vocabulary is good enough in order to recieve a decent grade in my assignment.

Even though I try to make sure that I use the best words that I can use sometimes I might not be able to come up with a better word then I know of, which shows that my vocabulary is not the greatest that I want it to be.


Ross keeps people from using “attention grabbers” because a lot of writers tend to spend a lot of time on their introductions and or their first paragraph in order to make their writing more interesting to the reader.


I believe that i’m closely related to Laurel in terms of writing because I tend to create mistakes in my paragraphs like she does. She tends to get out of topic in her paragraph, which I tend to do quite a lot aswell because I want to show my knowledge in a specific topic as much as I can to the reader.




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