Artist’s Statement

Jawad Awada

Artist’s Statement


My audience is for the parents that are worried about the aggressive behavior that their children have developed and are blaming it on violent video games. The reason for why I picked this genre is because it is a very talked about situation that has a lot of people developing their own theories without any real evidence to support their claim. Parents can get really overprotective sometimes and will make certain assumptions without having any concrete evidence. I mainly targeted parents as my audience because I want them to be able to be more informed when it comes to this topic. Parents are very interested in research and finding results that are accurate and with the research I did I believe I would be able to persuade the parents that are convinced that there is a connection. Multiple studies have been made over the years and they all come back having the exact same conclusion, this shows the accuracy of the research that has been done. I feel like with everything that I gathered it turned out really well and I hope with the information that I found I would be able to help parents understand that there is no connection between violent video games and teen aggression.        

Artist statement

My audience was people who were supervisors of firms. I chose this audience because for overcoming the glass ceiling, it needs the help of them. The glass ceiling is a problem not only for women or minorities but also for our social issue. it needs everybody’s effort. I choose power point because it can conclude words, pictures, videos, etc. this form can present to
Essay and video make people grab their attention easily. They are also possible to focus and think deeply while reading and watching. The issue was how I could deliver the main thing more clearly to the audience. I want to make the bosses feel that making daycare center is worthy for their firms.

Alex torres Artist statment 5/20/19

My audience were people who watch FIFA but don’t think about the organization that runs it. I chose this audience because these supporters are the reason why the World Cup and so many soccer events make money. Therefore, without fans, FIFA would lose its supporters and have to change its structure. I chose a video format because it allows you to visual the suffering that takes place in Brazil and in Qatar currently. Images are a powerful device to persuade when it comes to human rights abuses and corruption because images are crucial in proving the existence of distant suffering and injustice. For example, seeing the working conditions in Qatar helps give reasons as to why FIFA must fix their structure. In addition, fans come from all over the world and speak different languages. Images are a universal and powerful language, giving everyone a clear way to understand why FIFA should be changed. I did have a challenge when making the video. How was I going to pull on the heart strings of the supports of the World Cup and get them to actually take action? It was challenging, but I decided to use the common sounds of the “Goal! Goal! Goal!” Of sport commentators and the thousands of fans surrounding the stadium. All noises you would hear on the tv. Thats how I go the attention of the viewers. I did not revise any help in the making of the video, I would have like some help but there was no-one available that has knowledge like I do in the sport and the controversies behind it. I think it turned out really really, I pulled the heart strings of the already World Cup Supporters while trying to relate to reach more people. So I think it turned out well.

Artist Statement

My audience is for those who are athletes and women that are being payed unfairly either with a regular job they are inquiring or a sport they are playing professionally or even in school and getting payed or treated much less than men. I created a brochure to not only give a brief description of what’s happening but also a way to help and educate the younger student either in high school or middle school that are playing a sport  or in a club and feels that what there putting into isn’t enough compared to the amount of power men is getting for example either the guy is getting payed more by a dollar and women getting payed much less for doing the same amount or even getting farther in the program . This  pamphlet is helping others find a way to fight pay equity amount genders and hope for a better change in society. My issue was trying to pick what to add on each page of the brochure it was hard trying to put every important detail into each page because everything is important and must be addressed in order to find a solution. I would’ve wanted to get straight directed messages from Alex Morgan who also addressed the issue that no-one was taking action even though it was such a controversy for many years now. Hope you get to read the  informative brochure and see that  there is allot of changes to be done and there are many ways to start to see a difference in the long run!

Artist’s statement

My audience would be everyone but specifically young boy and girl, women entrepreneurs ,because online business will give them the opportunity to fulfill their unfulfilled dream of working their own and get their own identity as an entrepreneur.For my remix I chose women entrepreneurs and young girl and boy because they can use online business platform to enhance their inner creativity and represent them to the world and they can also helps to spread the importance of online business. I choose magazines,articles ,YouTube videos ,Facebook , because these are the fuel of online business. I know this will work best for my audience because online business based on promotion,the more good reviews you get and the more people know about the business and the more buyer you get. The problem I face doing this is people can easily copy your ideas because using the social media’s as a source which is open to everyone and anyone can see it and people can easily duplicate your ideas for their beneficiaries. If I can use some extra secured platform to promote and share the ideas except these social media’s it would have been way better.

Artist Statement

My audience is for those future baseball players that want to become professional like Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, David Ortiz, etc… It is the exactly the correct audience because they would be the one interested on my video. The video works more for my audience because it gives them proof and more details information about my why you should not use STEROIDS. My only issue was the recording part and my pronunciation of the words, noup, nobody helped me with this video. I would’ve been better if I interviewed Barry Bonds but unfortunately didn’t happened 🙁 I hope you enjoyed my video and thanks for watching it.

Artists Statement

The audience this was intended for were people not new to games themselves but not familiar with the battle royale genre of games. More specifically speaking, people who play and enjoy shooter games.  The reason for targeting established gamers is the fact that adding survival mechanics to a shooter game practically made it a completely different game. I chose to do a quick power point because I knew that I could highlight the good points of battle royales and give a quick run down on the things that can make someone successful when getting started. The only problem was figuring out how to format the slides without overwhelming them with words, having fewer words on the screen is definitely more effective on a presentation especially when the creator is explaining each one quickly. it turned out fine but not something very satisfactory for me, I know that if I had better equipment at my disposal and better planning I could have made something completely different that would have been way better.

Artist’s Statement

My audience would be college students, certainly, include everyone, because the climate change always is a serious problem which human facing. If we don’t take concern about it, our earth will be worth in future. For my re-mix, I chose college students because college student could do many things to prevent climate change, and college is a good place to do propaganda campaign about improve our environment, such as newspaper, videos, and music. They can make a lot of creative stuff to attract others take care about this issue. I chose op-ed because this can easier shown what important information which students should concern about, and it also can  post anywhere to make more students see it. I know this would work best for my audience because when I was in high school, I saw lots of op-ed which post in the wall, and then so many students get together to see what information that is. After that, I knew op-ed could take audience attention. My problem is where should my text box put(typesetting), that can be more clear for audience. I don’t think my op-ed would be good, if I can know more about typesetting and what information is most important which should put on the most conspicuous place, then my op-ed would be better.