TSG and Grammar

TSG (Traditional school grammar) is a set of assumptions  or educated form of usage of grammar. It is  modified version of usage of grammar.In linguistics, grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language. Grammar is the set of rules for language. The rules to organize the language and make the language more meaningful and accessible to the people. It is a structure to express the language in a proper way .

TSG and Grammar

The difference between TSG and Grammar in context is that TSG is assumptions of how grammar should be and how people provide you with the context. Grammars in Context is shown for people to see the rules used in the right way. As we grow new generations are created and words and phrases are implicated into our society.If Grammar In context was implied today we would of been able to see how the structure works and is forming through out our words and phrases.


Grammar to Get Things Done

The difference between Traditional School Grammar ” TSG” and Grammar in context is that TSG was being used to best educate students to learn grammar in an understandable pace by making errors and learning from them. However, grammar in context is description of language structure, it is different than TSG because of it has a history of using grammar as a way to understand speech. I have thought of grammar as something that changes because as you grow older your grammar starts to change and you start to learn more and more about the grammar we use in our daily life. I think the rules of now are understandable, it helps your writing to be better and makes you learn how to apply those rules in your writing.

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TSG is the more for more educated and more linguistic forms of writing such as essays and poems. so teachers would use and prefer use this a way and speaking snd writing to explicitly make ur point. there is a certain usage and rules that are very restrictive and usually makes all the pieces of wiring sound the sound the same. Ive been taught that grammar usually pertains to punctuation and ow Ive learned that it is different but to me grammar has changed as I’ve learned different context and usages of words like talking and text and essays

TSG and Grammar

The difference between TSG and grammar in context is that grammar is “a description of language structure” a way of understanding language and how it’s used. Grammar is for more understanding and correction. TSG “traditional school grammar” is assumptions about how grammar is best learned, errors are a way of learning and teachers providing constructive assistance is more helpful than error correction worksheets. I have thought of grammar as something that changes because as time passes and people’s writing skills change or improve so does their grammar, everybody’s grammar changes over their lifespan. All the rules are forms of correctness, to make sure the writing follows a specific structure.

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The difference between TSG and Grammar in context is that TSG was used to teach student in a better way of learning grammar, is a set of assumption about how grammar usage is best learned rather than a specific course of study. However, grammar in context will allow learners to see how rules can be used in sentences. Teaching grammar is to show how language Works. Context-based grammar holds an important place for effective learning. Grammar changes because the needs of its speakers change. New technologies, new products, and new experiences requires new words to refer to them clearly and efficiently. Many of the changes that occur in language begin with teens and young adults. As young people interact with others their own age, their language grows to include words, phrases, and constructions that are different from those of the older generation.It will be more motivating for learners if grammar is taught in context as students will have an opportunity to know how the new grammar structures work. Grammar rules are made easier if they are given in a context and teaching grammar in context gives an accuracy in the target language.

“Grammar to get thing done “

The difference between TSG and grammar in context is that TSG is a work sheet given by teacher expecting the student know what to do next time  they write but grammar contexts is when student get hand on experience to learn from trial and error. I never thought that grammar would change. I thought the rules always been like that we just add new one. Now I know that grammar isn’t for what correct but more if you understand it or not.

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Grammar in context believes student’s own experiences such as daily lives, speaking, and writing help to improve grammar study. It gives students to lead their grammar study. However, traditional school grammar is based on the worksheet of error-correction exercise. It states students learn from the errors.

I have been thought grammar as something that changes because words and speaking have been changed throughout history. I believe all the rules are designed for enhancing our literacy. It helps for better understanding words and showing your words.


The differences between TSG and Grammer in Context is that TSG was being used to best educate students to learn grammar in an understandable pace by making errors and learning from those, that’s how we tend to learn. However, grammar in context is, “A description of language structure”, it is different than TSG because of its history, it has a history of using grammar as a way to understand speech. It followed the rigid rules of language correctness. However, from my own point of view, I have thought of grammar as a change among time because grammar can be learned more once being an adult having the opportunity to fix your grammar in certain ways. I feel that grammar is a big impact on our daily life and that it needs to be noticed in order to get better, however, grammar today is little recognized in society.

TSG and Grammar

TSG meaning “Traditional school grammar”, students often used it on essay, novel, and poem. It improved people’s literacy skill. Such as teach students how to best learn grammar. However, grammar in long time ago, such as the Middle Ages, the grammar show moral dimension, because the language change reflected people’s innate sinfulness, ancient people used grammar to increase their self-interest and to change their status. I have thought grammar that changes, because with the progress of the times, people’s literacy skills have also improved. people can use correct grammar to express their thought. I think the rules of now isn’t very good, because it limit on our classroom rather than our life, we also need to consider our live to improve our literacy.