Nour’s Goals

My goals for college are goals that are not easily obtainable and come with passion and determination. My first goal for college has to be managing a high grade point average while having a full time job. This is hard for me because the job I have outside of school is very tiring and consist of fairly long hours, this makes it hard to do my school work, it also keeps me at a confused state of mind when it comes to time management and trying to prioritize things. Another goal i have for college has to be that I am trying to buy my first car in the next year. This is a very hard task because I am an independent individual by choice. I do not let my parents pay for anything I have because I know that money is not something that is easily obtainable. My parents work everyday double as hard as I do, and the least I could do for them is save them money. My single goal for after college has to be that I do not want to work my career job for longer than 7 years. I am focused on coming up with a successful business plan that would bring enough passive income into my pocket to support me for the rest of my life.

Karla’s Goals



This picture represents who I am because my goal by the end of my graduation date is to be leading towards my dream which is being a registered nurse and going forward from there. Knowing its a tough career I will do anything possible for it to occur. My Goals for this course is to gain allot of Knowledge  towards writing and how to become a better writer through out the semester. I really want my career to prosper and for that my communication skills and knowing how to write a major step.

Jawad’s goals

I chose this image because it shows someone’s journey thats just getting started 
My goals in college are for me to accomplish everything that I know I can conquer and to make everyone who believes in me proud and to have a better understanding of what my future has in store for me. My goals are for me to be able to take everything my professors give me and use it towards deciding what I want to do in the future. After college my goals are for me to be able to find what I came looking for.

Kevin Thai goals

Hello, this is my second semester in city tech and I am really excited to be apart of this school.My goals for this year is to learn as much as possible and to be a better version of yourself.I strive to get good grades and in order to do so I have to be the best version of myself.I want to absorb everything that I learned in this class and put it to greater uses such as writing,reading and creative writing.

Image result for happy

I chose this image because life can be hard and with a smile everything can be solved.

This picture represents me because I am a very open minded person with a bright personality.

My goals for college are to study hard to achieve the grades i want so that i can work my way up and to know what skills i would be good at. My goals after college is to find the best job for my work life balance because with having a full time job I also want to have time to spend with my families and friends.

My goals

Dental hygienist

My goals for this course are to gain lots of knowledge about reading and writing in English. As my first language is not english it’s always been tough for me to express myself in english. But as I know it’s really important to learn how to write in English for my future profession as I want to be dental hygienist. It’s the only way I can better communicate with everyone. I really want to have  A in this course and I can work hard for this. The reason Of choosing  this picture is I want to be a dental hygienist and want to help people to get rid of their oral problems.

Shoshanna Goals

My goals for college is to learn new things my professors that can help me get ready for my career and to pass all my classes with a B and above. Also, my goals for after college is to become a professional photographer and a film director.

I see writing fitting into my future career because I might have to write about my photography work and the pictures that I have taken.


Santiago’s goals

My name’s Santiago Henry I’m currently 18 and an aspiring rapper that hails from the jungle more formally as The Bronx. My only goals within this class is to pass with an A. I hope I get to connect with a lot of new people as well. Try new things. I hope City Tech will be able to provide that for me and open new doors as I go through my semester.

Yeonseon’s goals

My goal for college is to figure out a field or work what I really love and want to do. Another one is to graduate with a high GPA because it makes me go in to an ideal firm easier. I also get diverse experiences while in college. 

My goals for after college are to travel all around the world and go to the dream company. I also desire to be a better person.

I see writing fitting into both because I have to be good at expressing my words clearly for getting a good grade. Notably, in the business field, writing is the main tool for delivering and representing my thought effectively. Besides, writing makes my ideas be well organized. 

I choose this picture because it shows me now. I have decided many choices and still have to determine what I will do for making progress toward my goals. I’m still figuring out myself.


My Goals

My goals for college are to understand myself in what I’m really capable of, to explore education in many different ways and to get a B+ or above in the courses I take during every semester. After college my goals are to become a business owner, somewhere along with the fashion industry. In addition, I want to be able to better myself as an adult and handle things in a professional manner . I see writting into both because as people we can write out thoughts and knowledge to use them in our life, it will help to find and understand myself more than I already know. It also challenge me to push and try something new to learn.


I chose this image because a Lion symbolizes alot of traits, which some of those traits represents me in a way. This image is a picture of a lion which represents, strength, fearless and courage.