Nour’s Goals

My goals for college are goals that are not easily obtainable and come with passion and determination. My first goal for college has to be managing a high grade point average while having a full time job. This is hard for me because the job I have outside of school is very tiring and consist of fairly long hours, this makes it hard to do my school work, it also keeps me at a confused state of mind when it comes to time management and trying to prioritize things. Another goal i have for college has to be that I am trying to buy my first car in the next year. This is a very hard task because I am an independent individual by choice. I do not let my parents pay for anything I have because I know that money is not something that is easily obtainable. My parents work everyday double as hard as I do, and the least I could do for them is save them money. My single goal for after college has to be that I do not want to work my career job for longer than 7 years. I am focused on coming up with a successful business plan that would bring enough passive income into my pocket to support me for the rest of my life.

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