Artist statement

My audience was people who were supervisors of firms. I chose this audience because for overcoming the glass ceiling, it needs the help of them. The glass ceiling is a problem not only for women or minorities but also for our social issue. it needs everybody’s effort. I choose power point because it can conclude words, pictures, videos, etc. this form can present to
Essay and video make people grab their attention easily. They are also possible to focus and think deeply while reading and watching. The issue was how I could deliver the main thing more clearly to the audience. I want to make the bosses feel that making daycare center is worthy for their firms.


I had never thought about them: discourse communities, genres, and rhetoric ideas. So, all the concepts that I have been learning are fresh and unique to me. They also make sense to me. Discourse communities basically happen many times in our lives: the first day of school or work, etc. I have never thought about them before although I am in There. Now, I realized why I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. We all are in the group, and each group is bent. I’ve never thought about the genre itself, and while I was teaching, I noticed that my point of view was too narrow-minded. Genre is not only in the library but also what happens in our daily lives.

Moreover, the rhetorical question makes me think deeply. There is a statement: the sky is blue. That is quite obvious to people. There’s no way to consider the reason why the sky is blue. It leads me to think about the other side.

In short, I am so glad to learn and think about the writing concepts. It is not only about writing but also about life. All the concepts are daily using in our lives; therefore, knowing about these ideas makes you improve itself.


#1. What are some genres that you feel you know well? How did you learn them? What are their common rhetorical features?

A genre that I know well is cosmetic. I have learned from YouTube, articles, magazines, and the workplace. K-beauty is “something” in the cosmetic industry. The problem of k-beauty is limited diversity: few shade foundations lip colors. It is because the main target marketing of k-beauty was Korean how small businesses overcome the power of large corporations. Big firms already dominate in Korea beauty industry so that It would be hard for the small companies leading the trend. Even though some small firms have really high qualities of products, It is hard to be popular among the customers. Common rhetorical features are how to improve their goods in a good way, what kind of texture of foundation would be a trend, and what kind of color would grab the customers attention in that season.


#3. How much freedom do you enjoy when writing? Does it help to have a form to follow, or do you find it to be limiting?

Not really. It is because writing is still the biggest concern of me. I am not enjoying freedom when writing. The following form is more comfortable to build ideas, but that makes me obsess to fit the style instead of focusing the content. In addition, finding a form seems hard to do it; however, it told me there is no right one. It means all the things that everyone does is right and every work has its own unique part and a lot of flexibility.

discourse community

A time I tried to join a new discourse community was going to a new middle school. Whenever I become a freshman in school, I move to another village, city, or country. Back then, I was very nervous because other classmates had their mutual friends except me. New school, new classroom, and new classmates. All thins are new and scary for me. I just passed the time without knowing what to say to the classmate, who was sitting next to me, and how to start. Then, I thought of the chocolate in my bag, and I tried to tell her, “Hello” and “Would you like to eat the chocolate?” After talking with her, I found out that she and I liked the same band. That made us closer more.


First, I am starting to find enough resources of my topic via google and Wikipedia. There are a lot of information so that I can find out the basic information for developing my ideas

Yes. I have really heard that words from many teachers and seniors. At some point, I think if I do not copy whole thing from on Google and Wikipedia, It does not matter.

I think I am more like Susan. When I start to choose my points or thesis, I need to ideas of both of side. I also want to gather information as much as I can. Through those pieces, my thoughts are more clear and organize.


Search Log

Topic : intermittent fasting

I searched google for “Does intermittent fasting effects the health.”


Literacy sponsors

Dear my friend,

Hi, I’m going to tell you about my literacy sponsors. My literacy sponsors are the first ESOL teacher and the last ESOL teacher.

The first ESOL teacher gave me a trauma of English writing, and then the last teacher helped me to overcome it.

As I told you, English is not my mother tongue. I am a person who is thinking too much when I write something in English such as words and grammars. I have barely written essays or letters in Korean, so writing is so hard and tough for me. I even do not know how I start to write.  

The first ESOL teacher was picky. Whenever I wrote some essays, I had to revise them again and again. I thought I did my best and I could not find errors in it, but that teacher found something. As these situations went on and on, I felt uncomfortable to write essays in English, and I just started to make basic grammar errors by mistake. Writing became a significant pressure for me.
Finally, I wrote off-topic writing in my final exam, so I got 0 grade. I had to take that course again.

After that, my test anxiety became a problem.

It happened when I was taking the last ESOL class. During the midterm, students had to write a time-limited essay. At that time, I was so anxious to write a piece for a particular time. I was starting to be sweaty and shake my hands and voice.
The teacher realized my status and said to me, ” Relax. It will be okay. I will give you more time to do it.”
Her words saved me. She let me finish the works, and we talked about my situation. I explained all the circumstances I have been suffering.

She suggested me to do practice tests for overcoming my test anxiety.
I tried to write it again and again throughout that semester. It helped me a lot to be a little bit comfortable with writing English. I have learned a lot. I was thankful to meet the teacher, and it was lucky for my life.

Thank you for listening to my story

from your friend