#1. What are some genres that you feel you know well? How did you learn them? What are their common rhetorical features?

A genre that I know well is cosmetic. I have learned from YouTube, articles, magazines, and the workplace. K-beauty is “something” in the cosmetic industry. The problem of k-beauty is limited diversity: few shade foundations lip colors. It is because the main target marketing of k-beauty was Korean how small businesses overcome the power of large corporations. Big firms already dominate in Korea beauty industry so that It would be hard for the small companies leading the trend. Even though some small firms have really high qualities of products, It is hard to be popular among the customers. Common rhetorical features are how to improve their goods in a good way, what kind of texture of foundation would be a trend, and what kind of color would grab the customers attention in that season.


#3. How much freedom do you enjoy when writing? Does it help to have a form to follow, or do you find it to be limiting?

Not really. It is because writing is still the biggest concern of me. I am not enjoying freedom when writing. The following form is more comfortable to build ideas, but that makes me obsess to fit the style instead of focusing the content. In addition, finding a form seems hard to do it; however, it told me there is no right one. It means all the things that everyone does is right and every work has its own unique part and a lot of flexibility.

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