First I search on google about the topic I’m gonna do my research paper about, so for this research activity I did a little research on “Immigration detention center condition”

Each link on google had different news about the issues in the detention facilities then i started looking up more specific problems people are facing on the detention center. The information on google are useful to do a research.

The most interesting information I found out about this topic is that because of poor facilities in detention center people are getting sick and dying and even kids are victims of sexual abuse in detention center.

Bad Ideas

The bad idea is when people think failure is not an option.

The author say it’s a bad idea because people who don’t accept failure will think the negative outcome of their life’s. Better idea is that we should start accepting failure because we can learn from it to proven on what we failed.


Mike Rose’s piece

The rules about is that you should understand the topic you will beĀ writing about. Grammar and punctuation is very important. In general for me the hard part about writing is that sometimes it is hard to combine two sentences together, andĀ introduction is the hardest thing to write.

I hate when instructors assigns an essay because its hard forĀ me to come up with my claims that supports the author’s claim. Rose wants people to know that hook in the intro paragraph is important, so that it can catch readers attention. He also points out that students canĀ have many ideas but they don’t know where to start with. I can relate to Ruth, because writing a hook in my introduction is hard.

This picture represents me because I am a very open minded person with a bright personality.

My goals for college are to study hard to achieve the grades i want so that i can work my way up and to know what skills i would be good at. My goals after college is to find the best job for my work life balance because with having a full time job I also want to have time to spend with my families and friends.