I had never thought about them: discourse communities, genres, and rhetoric ideas. So, all the concepts that I have been learning are fresh and unique to me. They also make sense to me. Discourse communities basically happen many times in our lives: the first day of school or work, etc. I have never thought about them before although I am in There. Now, I realized why I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. We all are in the group, and each group is bent. I’ve never thought about the genre itself, and while I was teaching, I noticed that my point of view was too narrow-minded. Genre is not only in the library but also what happens in our daily lives.

Moreover, the rhetorical question makes me think deeply. There is a statement: the sky is blue. That is quite obvious to people. There’s no way to consider the reason why the sky is blue. It leads me to think about the other side.

In short, I am so glad to learn and think about the writing concepts. It is not only about writing but also about life. All the concepts are daily using in our lives; therefore, knowing about these ideas makes you improve itself.

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