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Dear my friend,

Hi, I’m going to tell you about my literacy sponsors. My literacy sponsors are the first ESOL teacher and the last ESOL teacher.

The first ESOL teacher gave me a trauma of English writing, and then the last teacher helped me to overcome it.

As I told you, English is not my mother tongue. I am a person who is thinking too much when I write something in English such as words and grammars. I have barely written essays or letters in Korean, so writing is so hard and tough for me. I even do not know how I start to write.  

The first ESOL teacher was picky. Whenever I wrote some essays, I had to revise them again and again. I thought I did my best and I could not find errors in it, but that teacher found something. As these situations went on and on, I felt uncomfortable to write essays in English, and I just started to make basic grammar errors by mistake. Writing became a significant pressure for me.
Finally, I wrote off-topic writing in my final exam, so I got 0 grade. I had to take that course again.

After that, my test anxiety became a problem.

It happened when I was taking the last ESOL class. During the midterm, students had to write a time-limited essay. At that time, I was so anxious to write a piece for a particular time. I was starting to be sweaty and shake my hands and voice.
The teacher realized my status and said to me, ” Relax. It will be okay. I will give you more time to do it.”
Her words saved me. She let me finish the works, and we talked about my situation. I explained all the circumstances I have been suffering.

She suggested me to do practice tests for overcoming my test anxiety.
I tried to write it again and again throughout that semester. It helped me a lot to be a little bit comfortable with writing English. I have learned a lot. I was thankful to meet the teacher, and it was lucky for my life.

Thank you for listening to my story

from your friend

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  1. Oh my goodness! The terror you must have felt with that first teacher! You do write well now, so that’s a positive from that experience. But not everybody is as lucky as you were in having that last teacher; that is true compassion and an understanding of what teaching is really meant to be. I’m so glad you ran into her! Thank you for this very honest post.
    –Prof Blain

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