My goals

My goals for college are to graduate with a good GPA. I hope that through the courses I take I could find and better myself. My goals for after college are to have a good paying job because the lifestyle I want is expensive, and to travel around the world and learn from those experiences. Writing fits into both of these because it tracks your learning process, for example referencing from something you’ve learned in your writing during college and using it after college.

This picture represents me because I am a blossoming flower that is growing to be her better self.


My goals for college is to get through it with no complications and any unnecessary things happening. By this I mean things like failing a class or not receiving credits for a class or taking a class that I do not need. I ultimately just want to get out of school so that I won’t be in it anymore because if I’m being honest, I am tired of school completely at this point for various reasons that are not important right now.
This is probably the main reason as to why I want to get out of school so badly. I just like playing games with my friends a lot and enjoying games that are visually and gameplay wise pleasing.

My goals for after college are unclear. I am well aware that doesn’t sound too promising for someone who is already attending college but I like to just go with the flow and weigh out my options when they come to me.

Writing fits into both of these because I know I will have to be a well enough writer to get through college as quickly as I want to. Writing also fits into what happens after college because I can organize the pros and cons of potential future plans to find out what would be the best option for me outside of college.

My Goals

My goal for college is to pass all my classes and be on time. To do that I need. my writing skills to take note and to organize myself. After college my goal is to start and own my own business like apple where I make and build my own computer but do so I need write a lot to make sure everything goes as planned

Oscar’s Goals

My goal for the college is to graduate with a good GPA such a 3.5 above, get to know everything that I need to know in every single class that I’m taking and I already took. After college my goal is to become a Mechanical Engineer of Aviation, get a job that goes with the major that I study of course and create a family. At an early age, I had always been fascinated by how things worked and how they were put together. It started very simply playing with Legos and toys, my objective was being able to put them together to form structures.  I’ve always enjoyed going to the airport since I was little kid to watch the airplanes land and take off.

I chose this picture because describes me in couple of year how I’m going to be working; repairing and maintaining mechanics stuffs.

Who is Alex?

Well my main goal for college it so better myself with the ease into the work force with critical thinking and the learning of life skills like time management and avoiding procrastination, but obviously  its to learn about the profession i want to go into in the future, wicht in my case is business, and city tech doesn’t have that unfortunately, so my plans are to transfer and study at Baruch and continue my journey that. But after college I want to work in the financial sector, i already have a huge interest and knowledge in the stock market and economics so thats where I want to go.

This is the representation. A man walking in a faced paced community. And that how i am in my life with school and work and my ability to adapt to a fast paced work force is why i think this be represents me. Im always moving.

My Goals

My goal for college is to receive the knowledge I need in order to succeed in all my courses with at least a B or above grade. In addition, my goal after college is to be working in a health profession field and to develop my career and be a registered nurse at some point. I see writing fitting into both spots because in college we have to take notes as well as having to do paper work such as essays ect,  which makes writing a must. Later on it will also be part of my job as a nurse because I’ll have to take patients reports down and keep it up to date. Writing is a must in both aspects.

I chossed this image with the nurse and a patient because I feel that Im a good listener when it comes to talking and expressing certain things among a person and I. 

My Goal

My goals for college are trying my best to learn knowledge which relate to my major accounting. Also, I hope that I could achieve high grade on each courses, such as above B.

My goals for after collage are expand my experience about accounting, for example, as a assistant to study accounting. After that, find a accounting job.

This is how I see writing fitting into my future because for accounting, it need do a lot of summary reports, if I didn’t do lots of practices, I will make many mistakes on summary.

This image is showing how accounting look like, they need do graph, notes, and summary. That is very hard.

My goals

My goals for college are to figure out my major and when I do figure it out, to work hard to complete and pass all my classes and requirements need to graduate and start my career. After college I hope to find a job that I like and I’m happy to do because I believe that success is based on happiness. I see writing fitting into my college goals because in college you are constantly writing papers and taking notes. Writing fits into my after college goals because with every career field I am considering there is lots and lots of paperwork. I chose a picture of pink glitter because I love things both pink and glittery and I feel like it describes my personality if you get to know me.

My Goals

My goals in college are to pass every course that I take and to get at least a B+ and above in them, this goal will help me achieve my goals after college.


My goals after college is to get a good job.

This picture represents me the most because I enjoy building computers.