Artist Statement

My audience is for those who are athletes and women that are being payed unfairly either with a regular job they are inquiring or a sport they are playing professionally or even in school and getting payed or treated much less than men. I created a brochure to not only give a brief description of what’s happening but also a way to help and educate the younger student either in high school or middle school that are playing a sport  or in a club and feels that what there putting into isn’t enough compared to the amount of power men is getting for example either the guy is getting payed more by a dollar and women getting payed much less for doing the same amount or even getting farther in the program . This  pamphlet is helping others find a way to fight pay equity amount genders and hope for a better change in society. My issue was trying to pick what to add on each page of the brochure it was hard trying to put every important detail into each page because everything is important and must be addressed in order to find a solution. I would’ve wanted to get straight directed messages from Alex Morgan who also addressed the issue that no-one was taking action even though it was such a controversy for many years now. Hope you get to read the  informative brochure and see that  there is allot of changes to be done and there are many ways to start to see a difference in the long run!

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