Artist’s Statement

My audience would be college students, certainly, include everyone, because the climate change always is a serious problem which human facing. If we don’t take concern about it, our earth will be worth in future. For my re-mix, I chose college students because college student could do many things to prevent climate change, and college is a good place to do┬ápropaganda campaign about improve our environment, such as newspaper, videos, and music. They can make a lot of creative stuff to attract others take care about this issue. I chose op-ed because this can easier shown what important information which students should concern about, and it also can┬á post anywhere to make more students see it. I know this would work best for my audience because when I was in high school, I saw lots of op-ed which post in the wall, and then so many students get together to see what information that is. After that, I knew op-ed could take audience attention. My problem is where should my text box put(typesetting), that can be more clear for audience. I don’t think my op-ed would be good, if I can know more about typesetting and what information is most important which should put on the┬ámost conspicuous place, then my op-ed would be better.

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