I start doing research by asking classmates’ opinions, and find some information which specific relate to my work on google. After that, I summarize their information with my opinions to create my work.

When I took high school, my history teacher told me that not allowed to use¬†Wikipedia, because its information mostly weren’t¬†accurate, the better choice was books.

I more like Susan, because she research specific topic, and then check the suggestions which appear on google. After that, she looks first 5 selections. her ways save much time for works, and her ways could more quickly find out what she wants to research.

Search Log

  • I started google because I think google’s information more accurate than the wikipedia.
  • I hit this specific link because it located on top, and when I search the topic which about travel, the little information under the link catch my attention, such as save the money.
  • I stayed on a page approximately 10 mins.
  • I will check those information whether or not accurate compare with other site’s information. If most the information are the same, I will choose more specific one.
  • The note: When I click in the website, it showed me which travel tools I want, such as flights, cars and cruises. After I make choice, the site list specific information to me, For example, different kinds of hotels. However, the bad aspect was there isn’t have travel activities, it only provide me the house and travel tools.

Bad Idea

The bad idea is Leave yourself out of your writing

The author say it is bad idea because the reader is connect to the writer, when you take self out of your writing, you would’t better show your purpose and difficult to catch reader’s attention. Also, the audiences can’t better to learn something, they might think it is boring.

A better idea is before you write something, you need consider few points. For example, how would you catch the attention of readers, make them feel interest. Also, using own life experience to strengthen your main idea, it can make audiences more clear about your writing. Moreover,  encourage readers to rethink or reimagine what they may already know through reflection and action.

My Own Literacy Sponsors

Dear Leif

My literacy sponsor is my father, my father’s education only achieve¬†primary school, hence, he doesn’t have good literacy. And than he always told me that I need try my best to learn, our familiy members only you have chance to learn literacy. Also, when you have a good literacy in future, you also would have more¬†opportunity to find a better job. If you don’t have enough literacy, you wouldn’t understand what other people talking about, you couldn’t make a good communication. These words of my father¬†encourage me to become a¬†literate person, it both good for my future and good for my parents.

Mike Rose’s piece

The rules is¬†the first paragraph must engage the reader‚Äôs attention immediately.¬†replacing rigid rules with flexible rules and plans, it can make people’s mind have more thought about writing rather than limit on one thing. It allows writers to freely use their imagination to create article or essay. In contrast, if limits writers on one way to create something, they wouldn’t elaborating their ideas, they always follow the rules of their writing teacher. Moreover, it also will decrease the interest for writing, because they might thought that writing is difficult and boring. the writer,¬†Laurel most like me, because when I write some essay, I also use the ways¬† which my high school teacher taught me, such as a essay must have 5 paragraphs. It always confused me, it makes me feel that was only one way to write something, and others all are wrong. However, when I go to college, I knew there isn’t only one way, I can use my own thought to create something.

TSG and Grammar

TSG meaning “Traditional school grammar”, students often used it on essay, novel, and poem. It improved people’s literacy skill. Such as teach students how to best learn grammar. However, grammar in long time ago, such as¬†the Middle Ages, the grammar show moral dimension, because¬†the language change reflected people‚Äôs innate sinfulness,¬†ancient people used grammar to increase their¬†self-interest and to change their status.¬†I have thought grammar that changes, because¬†with the progress of the times, people’s literacy skills have also improved. people can use correct grammar to express their thought. I think the rules of now isn’t very good, because it limit on our classroom rather than our life, we also need to consider our live to improve our literacy.

My Goal

My goals for college are trying my best to learn knowledge which relate to my major accounting. Also, I hope that I could achieve high grade on each courses, such as above B.

My goals for after collage are expand my experience about accounting, for example, as a assistant to study accounting. After that, find a accounting job.

This is how I see writing fitting into my future because for accounting, it need do a lot of¬†summary reports, if I didn’t do lots of¬†practices, I will make many mistakes on summary.

This image is showing how accounting look like, they need do graph, notes, and summary. That is very hard.