Mike Rose

The rules that I hear in my head while writing is to always keep your writing in chronological order so that it makes sense and to make sure it’s not all over the place. Also, to make sure that you have 5 paragraphs which is an introduction that will capture your audience attention and having 3 detailed body paragraph where you provide evidence from the reading and lastly your conclusion where you end off nicely.

The things that make it hard for me to write is knowing how to start and what to write because I want it to sound perfect to grab the readers attention. Sometimes knowing how to use the correct grammar can make it hard for me to write because I might not know where to place the correct punctuation.

Mike Rose explains in his article that rules can sometimes hurt our writing because it makes you not to know what to write or how to start at times. For example, Ruth have a problem starting the hook that’s because in school she was told that a good hook grabs the readers attention.

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