Mike Rose

The rules in which I have to follow in order to at least deem my essay decent has to be with having a good structure, good opening that will lure the readers in so that they will want to read more and invest in my writing.

The hardest part in writing to me personally has to be with starting the actual piece as I have so many ideas which I can branch off to but it takes me quite awhile to actually decide which would be the best direction to go. I want to be informative, set down a serious tone but at the same time keep it chill just in case it might bring the readers into a meltdown.

I’ll have to agree with Mike Rose’s opinion on rigid rules. He states rules can inflict potentially writers block as you’ll be stuck on what or how you’re going to do things from throughout your essay. That’s why instead of trying to plan things ahead I’ll just jot down everything I have thought of into the essay and later revise it.

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