Bad Ideas

Title: Response: Never use “I”
By: Kimberly N. Parker
Partner: Shoshanna and Alex

The main idea is that the new generation is writing but saying “I” to much. She wants to help writers understand who they are as a person. She also wants to help guide them as a creative source for liberation.
However, in the reading, it said ” Thus, we spend our semester together in an attempt to help writers rewrite their understanding of how to be present and alive in their writing. Literacy experts Jeff Anderson and Deborah Dean advise that writers need options for how to say what they want to say”. This quote is explaining that as writers sometimes it can be hard to know what to write because writers may not know how to explain themselves in their writing for another reader to try to get what they are saying.

A better idea would be to help teach writers how to use different words instead of I.

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